Diablo 3: Witch Doctor AoE/DoT Build

This is my Witch Doctor leveling build for Diablo 3, my character is now upto level 16. This build is slightly overpowered, with all the AoEs and DoTs in the build. I haven’t found a single nor group of mobs which have been able to take me down yet.

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My main attack is Corpse Spiders, followed by Haunt. Corpse Spiders is an AoE attack, which can be thown at mobs in line of site (LOS), across the screen. Haunt is similar, except that it will also go through windows, and around obstacles and is a single mob DoT. I can use this at the top of a long stairwell, and have mobs not be able to get to me, before they die. Its important to put this on the mouse, so you can Left Click and hold Corpse Spiders, and right click on each of the mobs you want to throw Haunt on.

Next I use Grasp of the Dead. This is another AoE attack, but it also slows mobs down. This is great to keep on groups of mobs, so you can concentrate them. Soul Harvest will grant you an AoE buff/deBuff, which will grant you intelligence, making your spells hit harder, and later will also return mana to you.

Last I use Zombie Dogs, since they will not only attack mobs, but help keep aggro off of my character.

For each of the spells, I get the highest Glyph since they will almost always better the spells.

Please remember, if your health is running low, run around and grab those health globes. Between the globes and this build you should be able to solo anything.

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