Diablo 3: Witch Doctor Build for Ubers

Keep in mind, that most builds these days, for those which want to run Ubers, will need to be team member builds. With that in mind, understand that this is a work in progress, but I decided to share it with you anyways.


Ubers Witch Doctor: Profile / Build

Active Skills

  • Pyrogeist: I'm not set on it but I figure that it's just constant damage that I can just set next to ubers and forget about it until it needs to be recast. I'm considering dropping it for Big Bad Voodoo with increased duration or damage or maybe even Zombie Dogs with the leeching beasts or life link rune.
  • Bears are good for lifesteal and dealing with adds.
  • Spirit walk is a no-brainer, I might switch the rune for the heal one but I like being able to regen mana quickly if I need it.
  • Soul harvest is another ability that I'm not too sure about but you can heal off adds if you're in trouble and get your stacks easily that way for a nice damage increase.
  • Spirit barrage is the main damage dealer of this build, refer to this (follow the link from the reddit page, credit to Deaderic for the find) to see how to maximize this ability.
  • Garg is useful to get enemies off you and he can tank ubers relatively well and the stun is definitely noticeable.

Passive Skills

  • Rush of essence is great to get spirit barrage to have a 0 casting cost (after a few casts since you gain 4.9 man/sec each cast)
  • Spirit vessel is standard, I hope that I don't need to go into detail on that one
  • Blood ritual reduces the cost of casting and gives you some life regen too making it very nice for this build and definitely makes it easier to spam spirit barrage.



Any feedback is appreciated, leave in in the comments below.

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