Starcraft 2: All-In Marine Cheese Build Order & Counters

The All-In Marine Cheese Build Order relies upon your ability to flood the enemy base with almost endless streams of marines. Its viable against all races, and can offer decisive and speedy victories if carried out properly.

The build is even more succesful any time you prevent scouting, and proxy your barracks near the enemy base.

Build Order

  1. Supply Depot At 10 food
  2. Once you reach 12 supply build your Barracks at the Ramp
  3. You need to proxy a Barracks near his base around 14 food
  4. At 15 supply upgrade to the Orbital Command
  5. Continue with another supply depot at 16 food
  6. At 19 supply proxy another Barracks (third Barracks,second proxy)
  7. At 21 supply place a depot again
  8. At 24 supply proxy another Barracks (4th Barracks,third proxy)
  9. Another depot to keep up with supply at 27 food count
  10. Once you reach 33 food,place the fifth and last proxy Barracks near his base
  11. Finish the order with a final depot at 36 food



The strike starts as soon as your 4th Barracks are done.Yank some SCV’s from your mineral line and place them on standby inside your proxy zone. There you can construct a bunker outside his ramp and then try to bust thru.

Once inside of his base, build another bunker near his mineral line and micro arround his defenses, at the same time keep constant production from your Barracks and keep a steady supply count.

Rush Transition

If you don’t sacrifice scv’s to support the rush you can place 2 more barracks and start expanding from there. This happens if you scout his ramp with a handfull of marines and believe you won’t work through his defenses.  Its best if you try to maintain him pressured in the main, build a few bunkers on the base of the ramp and keep a stable defense line. This gives you an edge as you can freely expand.

You can go for a whopping Marine Cheese build devoid of proxy or pulling workers. Here you can fortify your base with bunkers as you get gas and include techlabs/reactors on your Barracks.

Countering the Marine Cheese

Scouting is the best counter for this rush. If he goes for the 4 proxy Marine Cheese, you may assault them before they come online, leaving him with just one Barracks and lost minerals.

Terran counters: Don't rush in on his proxy if he places bunkers around them, alternatively try and go for siege tanks, banshees or hellions to counter.

Zerg counters: As the Marine Cheese rush is reliant primarily on secrecy it isn’t very feasible for the Zerg, but if he does it, the easiest method to counter is positioning spine crawlers and training speedlings. Baneling raids are also great.

Protoss counters: Don’t make the mistake to choose cannons. Sentries and Zealots are a good way to hold the ramp obstructed or divide and flank his armies. From there you can go for a 4 Gate push, or 1 base Colossus.

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