Starcraft 2: Classic 9 Pool Speedling Build

One of the classic and original zerg builds, 9 pool speedlings has withstood the test of time and continues to be a viable build today. For ZvP speedlings followed by harassment is normal (you may pull some or all drones off the extractor if you wish), while in Zvz starting a lair with the first 10 mins is normal. In multiplayer this was a popular build, but the ovy-hatch builds are more common now. This build is enhanced greatly by the presence of close locations.

Diamond Gamer, in-game strategy guide


  • 9/9 - Pool
  • 8/9 - Drone
  • 9/9 Extractor
  • 8/9 Overlord, Drone
  • 9/17 Place 3 Drones on gas until 100 for Metabolic Boost, then return drones to mineral line
  • 9/17 - 6 Zerglings (Scout with drone when pool finishes if you have not found the enemy as of yet)

When the extractor finishes, pluck three drones off the minerals and get some gas. When you get 100 vaspene in Zvp, upgrade speed for your lings while you harass and add a second hatchery. You may transfer some or all the drones back to minerals for a spell while your mineral-based economy rebounds. For Zvz, lair tech is fashionable since you can survive for a while with that few drones and catch up later once you have all rushes guarded.

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