Starcraft 2: Terran Marauder 10 Barracks Build

We are now going to cover a real aggressive Terran build order for all the Terran players out there. This Starcraft 2 Terran Tactic works real well against Protoss players, but can also be effective against Zerg. Basically its real simple as most Starcraft 2 Tactics are and as you can tell from the title you need to build your barracks on 10 Scv’s count.

After you build the Barracks you also stop building Scv’s until you have a Extractor. This is because you are going to need the Gas for Marauder’s. This Starcraft 2 Terran Tactic will hurt your early game economy but will give you the advantage of having a bigger army and better tech later on.

One thing that is great about this Starcraft 2 Tactic is the fact that if the other player scouts your base they will think you are going for Reapers since you have a Tech Lab and have jumped on the gas early. But you are going to build Marauders which if you are playing a Protoss player will counter his Stalker nicely.   Once you have a few Marauder’s send them to the Protoss base with a Scv to build a Bunker.

Since the Stalker takes a while to get you can normally  set up a Bunker for your Marauders before the Stalker Pops. This will cause the other player a large moment of Rage when he sees your Marauders instead of Reapers.

Doing this time you are going to want to carry on building Marauders and maybe a few Marines since the Protoss player will most likely be building Void Rays as soon as possible.

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