Starcraft 2: Zerg Baneling Bust, Build Order

Banelings are great for killing light units and taking out enemy choke points to stop any of your rush attempts. If you are facing a Terran player and you wish to rush then I recommend a Banelings to clear the choke which the will stop your Zerglings from causing mayhem in the enemies base. This Starcraft 2 Tactic is known as a Baneling bust.

When you get to a 9 unit count you need to build a overlord. This is the best time to build a overload since it will leave you will the most resources. At a 13 unit count you need to build a extractor and at 14 you build your spawning pool. You can play with this but I recommend you build your structures at these times since it allows you to get Zerglings real early.

After you have done that build a few more drones to keep your minerals coming in at a decent rate, During this time you will also want to start being in the gas. We recommend putting like 3-4 drones on the gas. Then when you get to 15 you want to build another overlord. Now build a Queen to speed up your lava production and then start pumping out some Zerglings. From now on you will need to carry on building Zerglings in fair amounts. Right at 21 unit count you can drop a baneling nest.

Have a look at your enemies defensive and maybe sacrifice  a Zergling to check his choke point. The key thing to remember here is not to morph your Zerglings in to Banelings close to the enemies base. Then as soon as your Baneling nest spawns morph five banelings. During this time you should have a decent amount of Zerglings. Now use your Banelings to clear the choke point. It takes five to clear a supply depot.

Then the fun begins. Continue to pummel your opponent with Zerglings whilst morphing Banelings to quickly take out his Scv’s.

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