Rift: Mage Raid/Dungeon Build Spec

build by maxvla

This is a heavy pyromancer build with support from archon and dominator.  The spec has multiple cooldowns for burst periods or used in a rotation for better sustained damage.

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Here's a link to the build: http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0zIsz.gfkIzusuto.bcV.qMxoM

40 pyro/10 dom/16 archon

The early points in Dominator are very nice with CC, knockback, dispel, and agro wipe, as well as some intellect boost. Archon provides excellent synergy with Pyro yielding 12% modifier boost with a passive 5% and 7% active debuff in addition to excellent mana savings and refunds as well as decent group buffs (stats and damage modifiers) and a no cooldown curse dispel. If it turns out Pyro is too mana costly with this build, 5 points from Dominator could be moved from Acumen to Improved Smoldering Power, which would also grant some defense in the way of Ground of Strength

The spec has multiple cooldowns for burst periods or used in a rotation for better sustained damage. It has little in the way of defense, but offers escape with Flicker, pure CC with Transmogrify, aoe snare from Lockdown and immobilize with Unbreakable Bonds. It offers multiple aoe spells, while keeping excellent single target damage. Altogether, the build offers a constant fire modifier of around 70% using passives and active buffs and debuffs with cooldowns boosting this number by an extra 30%.

If you are looking for a pure raid build you could likely get slightly more dps by changing Dominator to another soul, but I find this trio very balanced for the content we'll see while everyone is leveling, learning the game, and doing high level dungeons to gear up for raids.

Any comments or suggestions?

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  1. Spitt says:

    Why don’t you explain how you play with this build, what your main strengths are, and then we can try it.

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