Rift: Melee/Ranged Rogue Build

written by Spitt of TelaraLeveling.com

This is a combo that kind of plays like a Rogue/Hunter. It's good for DPS both ranged and melee. It is not however an AoE nor support build. While I chose to have a pet, soloing mobs, I don't need it. It's only when I have a group of 3-4 mobs on me, that I need the pet or when the mobs are a few levels above me.

With this build, I have been able to do a lot of the content solo, and am able to close minor rifts by myself. Additionally, I can take on an elite mob - with my pet, and take a single mob my own level, down. It is also really good for Rifts, and will often net me some of the top rewards.

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Most of the points are in Assassination, which is good for melee. The ranged shots can really help grabbing the top of the loot pile, in Rifts. The other trees, are Riftstalker and Ranger. However Riftstalker has 2 points, simply to get the Shadow Shift and Guarded Steel finishing move. Ranger gets 5/5 in Eagle Eye, so we get the bonus to Crit proc. We also take Crippling shot, so that we can snap the enemy, wait for them to get close, and then use Shadow Shift, to disorient the enemy, moving to another location farther away.

However it's the spells Quick Shot, Splinter Shot, and Head Shot, which makes this great for Rifts. Spamming Quick Shot, will get you massive points. When we take on multiple mobs, our Call: Razorbeast and Rejuvinate spells, will allow us to solo most content. If I want to solo the content, such as places where the Razorbeast will repeatedly aggro more then I want to fight, I simply use the Assassinate tree, to clean up the mobs one or two at a time.

On groups of mobs, I like to start by taking out a single mob use Splinter Shot, to get 2 points, then Puncture to get another 2, followed by Savage Strike, which then leads me to the finishing move Guarded Steel, which gives me a 30% increase to armor for 45 seconds. I use this, then to use the next combo...

We can sneak up on small group of enemies, use Incapacitate on one, Blinding Powder on another, and then focus on one enemy. If we are fighting with our pet out, leaving it nearby, but in a stay position, till the fight actually starts, is a keen move which allows us to quickly rape the group.

Note that I talk about sneaking around. This is because a bit after level 20, we get improved Stealth, which allows us to stay hidden till we turn it off, are detected, or use a non-stealth ability.

There's one last combination I love to do. This is best, when your pet is not with you, and you are soloing content. It will allow you to quickly take down a single enemy, which is especially helpful if another mob is coming towards you, or if you have a second one, you used Blinding Powder on, and will be able to see again soon. First we use Foul Play to incapacitate the enemy. Then we circle behind him to Backstab, finishing off with Final Blow, to maximize damage quickly and eviscerating the enemy.

I have not yet taken this build all the way up to 50, only to 26. However you can see from this Assassination Ranger Rogue Soul Tree, where I put my points and where I mean to go with them. There will not be any other points going into the Riftstalker tree, as it's damage mitigation, and I want to focus on getting crits and dealing more damage to my enemies, to kill them faster.

While I do not consider this an Over Powered build, I have noticed that I am able to clear PvE content easier and faster then other rogues who focus more on the Ranger, Bard, or Saboteur trees. At one point, I was completing a quest line at 24, while another was level 27 and halfway through. Having completed nearly all content in the previous areas (except dungeons/PvP), I realized just how strong this combination was.... however for those interested, I will also be posting a non-pet Rogue build as well in the near future.

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