Rift: Tank Builds, 2 Soul Tree Main Specs

written by Spitt of TelaraLeveling.com

Here's a tank build for Rift, with the main Souls being Paladin and Warlord. The key with this build is to both generate threat, as well as to block, and use abilities with blocking. Additionally, there is a second spec, which gives you some threat mitigation for raid members. Either of these builds will be in high demand in dungeons.

The last soul, doesn't have any points going into it, its there simply to give you a pet, which can possibly pull aggro from you temporarily. You should leave it on passive, till you need a small reprieve. There are no points to allow you to heal the pet, so it's a one time use per battle.


This build is huge on threat generation and blocking. It uses the Paladin and Warlord as the main spec, and the Beastmaster as the lesser. It should also be noted, that the points both go to the top of the talent pool, but neither gives you all the skills available. If you want to change it a bit, then we recommend you take it to the Warlord site, which gives you a threat mitigation to all raid and party members, with 38 points into the soul tree.

An added benefit for the Paladin, is that there are many abilities which will help to heal the tank. The benefit is being able to take more damage, while still getting healed by a party member. It will make for a stronger tank, which is able to cause threat and take damage.

Here's a Warlord main spec, with threat mitigation at 38 points, for the spell "Call to Regroup". This again uses the paladin's abilities to heal self, with blocking attacks, but has more points in the Warlord tree. Again, there are no points with the Beastmaster spec, and this could of course be changed to something else.



  1. You kinda ignored unyielding defense, in a setup this dependant on blocking, I say it’d be great survivability, even at 2 or 3 points

  2. For the pally build wouldnt it be more benificial to grab Void Knight for the 5% magic Resistance base skill rather than a pet that is on passive most the time and doesnt contribute to anything.

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