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World of Tanks: Druid Mod

Druid Mod, isn't anything that I would expect a druid in any other game to have. What it does, is color the background of the tanks on your team and on the other team on the leaderboard. It also adds

Blizzard Map Mods: Aiur Chef, Left 2 Die, StarJeweled review

SC:L Reviews: Blizzard Maps Written by Genopath On January 25th, players from all regions were able to test the beta versions of three of the four official Blizzard custom maps announced at BlizzCon. These maps demonstrate the improvements made to

Runes of Magic: Golden Pet Egg Mail Script for RomBot

Here's a simple script for ROMBot, which is for mailing golden eggs to a bank toon with instructions to help you set yours. You need to have ROMBot already setup to use this script.

WoW: In Game Guides Updated – Horde/Alliance – Leveling, Dungeon, Daily, More

Suffice it to say, these are some in-game leveling guides for World of Warcraft which might otherwise cost you upwards of $90 each. You will find leveling guides for Cataclysm Horde and Alliance, Profession Guides, Dailies Guides, Dungeon Guides, &

Lotro Lookout New Years Edition

A few things found around the forums..... tribaldragon72's Full Radiance Gear Comparisons by Class - Burglar Sets - Captain Sets - Champion Sets - Guardian Sets - Hunter Sets - Lore-Master Sets -

Archaeology Buddy, for HonorBuddy

If you have an older version of HonorBuddy and don't have a lifetime membership, then you can use this plugin to not only raise your Archaeology skills, but to fly from spot to spot. If you have a new version,

World of Warcraft: Ugly & Effective In-Game 1-85 Horde Guide

Joana's Horde leveling guide, has to be one of the ugliest guides out there now. I can't defend how this guide looks, but I can attest, that the leveling speed is extremely fast. As all the other guides were perfecting

World of Warcraft: Multibox WoW, 4+ clients

Multiboxing, allows a player to play 2 or more characters at the same time. It is allowed be Blizzard and is not considered botting nor cheating. If you have ever seen 4-5 Shamans in a battleground mowing down enemies, thats

Lotro Lotteries reported back up

For the first time since 8/29/2010 the lotteries are reported back up, as in this thread: A _few_ changes you HAVE to use your in-game name and password (better have something like keyscrambler running) you have to use the

Runes of Magic: easy Pet Crafting addon

This addon, will allow you to easily get your pet crafting skills up. It auto searches for the correct tool, and will allow you to use for wood, ore, or herb.

2 WoW Guides Updated

A couple different WoW guides were updated in the last couple days. This post is for our VIP members who use those guides. They are both in game guides for World of Warcraft, and feature both Alliance and Horde. They

Warhammer Online: nHack addon (ninja hack)

nHack is pretty much like HackPack by Phale, but with some extra features and without MapPins. I use a label as the button for nHack, this makes it harder to spot in screenshots and doesn't scream hacker in them either.  The

Product Spotlight: Diamond Gamer Addon Strategy Guide for Starcraft 2

This is a Product Spotlight for Starcraft 2, that I saw, and was pretty amazed with. Instead of the standard PDF pages, that most sites are doing, this company went ahead and made a Starcraft 2 addon, which guarantees to

Starcraft 2: RPG Mod – Proof of Concept Videos by malu05

Here are 2 maps, created by Malu05, that show it's possible to play Starcraft II, as an RPG, rather then just a top down RTS.  Neither of the maps are yet released, and have been in the works for over

Lotro Lookout August 2010

Just a few things seen at the Lotro Forums WB LoTR War in The North Trailer monthly statistics

Sims 3: Nudist mod, remove mosaic pixel blur effect

The nudist mod or nude mod for The Sims 3 is the answer for those wishing to un-blur their Sims while they are taking a shower or using the toilet. Here is a guide on how to go about downloading

Heroes of the Three Kingdoms (Chi Bi, Red Cliff) Info

Before Spitt's post: I hadn't heard of this game so did an "info page" about it (have info pages on about 90?) games 🙂 game synopsis from: China is in the midst of a bloody civil war. From

SWG: Modification – Chrome Mandalorian Armor

Chrome Mandalorian Armor 1.0 Modification for SWG by Areyleri and Spaceguy5 This mod changes the plates on Mandalorian Armor chrome. It also adds an improved Mandalorian Helmet visor, darkens the cloth, and fixes issues on the helmet, chest plate, and boots

Starcraft 2: Phase 2 over on the 19th + Collector’s Edition, worth it?

Phase 2 will be over on the beta of Starcraft 2, come the 19th.  Enjoy the last of your free play.  The game will return as gold/released on the 27th. Hope we will see some good mods/trainers coming out.  Keep

StarWars Galaxy: Macro/Mod – Destroy non-stackable items

Here's a Modification and Macro combination, which will destroy junk automatically.  Perfect for junk farming or botting.  It will auto-destroy all non-stackable items.  It will not examine, use, nor equip items.  This will not bug out, like most other junk

WoW: Midsummer Fire Festival tips + in-game guide

Here's an in-game guide, which will show you step by step instructions for the Midsummer Fire Festival, we also have some tips which will help all levels to achieve easier fire blooms, and more.