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Dragon Nest Modded APK – God Mode

Dragon Nest Modded APK is a game hack for the Saint Haven (v1.1) release of the Android adaptation of the game. It features 3 different hacks; God Mode, 3x Increased Speed, and Damage hack. You will need a rooted device

Modded Hotspot Shield VPN Proxy for Android

Modded Hotspot Shield VPN Proxy for Android

What does the Modded Hotspot Shield VPN Proxy for Android do for you? It works the same as an unmodded version, except that ads are removed and you gain unlimited bandwidth. A VPN allows you mask and hide your IP, as

Assassins Creed Pirates Android App – Free

Assassin's Creed Pirates

Assassins Creed Pirates Android App is free today, just follow the link at the bottom of this page to download it to your Android device. Assassins Creed Pirates, is only available today for free. The normal cost of this app is

Angry Birds Epic Mod – Unlimited Everything

The Angry Birds Epic 1.0.9 Mod removes all ads and provides unlimited coins, plus a couple other features which I am sure you will love. Everything will be set at unlimited, so you won't need to worry about running out

Flappy Bird Full Download Android APK


I first heard about Flappy Bird, when I was reading an article about how the developer had yanked it off the Android Market, as it had become so addictive, and yet people were saddened by it. This happens a lot

Play HOMM3 on Android free


How can you play HOMM3 on Android free? Well, there is already an HOMM3 Emulator which was created just for this purpose. But it's missing some key files, which we provide below... You need only download the emulator, and then

Rift: Mobile Android App – for windows

Assuming for a moment, you have been reading everything we have been posting about Rift, then you probably already know about the mobile authenticator, which you need in order to make an account - and which we have now provided