BDO Speed and Attack hack

BDO Speed and Attack hackThe BDO Speed and Attack hack we are about to expose to you, is truly amazing to behold. Not only does movement speed increase, but also attack speed. It works in PVE against mobs. It should never be used in PVP. Using in PVP will be an insta ban.

It reminds me of the old speedhack from around 20 years ago, which would speed up the whole processor. Mind you, the game speed would completely speed up, even the mobs. But alas, it meant a level 20 player, could decimate a level 100 player, as the 100 would move at a crawl comparetively. It only worked in PVP. 

BDO Speed and Attack hack

BDO Speed and Attack hack works for NA/EU and SEA client, they might try to support different regions later.


  • Attack speed hack
  • Movement speed hack
  • Instant auto loot everything around you
  • XignCode proof


  • Run Loader.exe as admin, then start the game, the hack will load itself automatically.
  • Once ingame you can use the following chat commands :
    • /attackspeed X (X being the speed factor)
    • /movespeed X (X being the speed factor)
    • /autoloot 1/0 (1 = enabled, 0 = disabled)
  • To make sure it's loaded you can type "/whatever" in the chat, if the text isn't processed by the game, you are good to go 🙂

Future Plans:

They are also working on in game scripting capability so they can make a fish bot, market bot, etc.

Video Proof:

BDO Speed and Attack hack download:

As a reminder, we highly suggest you use the following tools to prevent discovery of your game hack, even though the creaters claim it is XingCode proof.

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BDO Fishing Bot – Black Desert Online

The main BDO Fishing Botfeatures of this BDO Fishing Bot, is automatic fishing, but can also do a few other things. The most important are an animation speed hack, which gets rid of the fishing animation, which in turn slows the amount of fish caught per hour. It also automatically processes with random sleeps between successful fishing attempts, to prevent auto detection, and finally warns when another player is nearby, to prevent the other player from reporting you.

There are a few other features, which you will find along the way, when you use this BDO Fishing Bot.

BDO Fishing Bot features

  • FishGrade prediction
  • Animation-Speed-Hack FishBot (more efficient fishbot)
  • Player-Detection method (to stay undetected by other players)
  • Auto Processing with random sleeps between each cycle (avoid auto detection)

Download BDO Fishing Bot

Warning: As with all game hacks, bots, and cheat tables, it's a good idea not to show off, nor use it around other people who are playing. Don't even tell or show friends, otherwise a ban hammer could hit you.

We recommend the following for anti-detection of game hacks and bots. Run daily on the original downloads!

Now onto the download...

  • Virus Check VirusTotal | Note: Some Game Trainers or Bots are sometimes reported to be a Virus or Trojan, the most common is a keylogger called HotKeysHook or the file has been packed/protected with VMProtect or Themida and is recognized as Win32/Packed.VMProtect or Win32/Packed.Themida. In ALL cases this is a FALSE ALARM as NONE of the Game Trainers @ MMOeX contain known malicious code! 
  • Non-VIP Free Download - Mirror | Guide: Fill out surveys with fake info.
  • VIP Download (Password:) | Become VIP and avoid surveys/per download fees.

NOTE: Press  SKIP AD  at the top of the link, to get to the download page. We use Adfly to mask all links and prevent bots from issuing automatic DMCA removal requests (and it works surprisingly well). If you need a link shortener for an adult site, you can use this one to monetize your site.

Important Notes

  • If you have problems using a trainer in combination with Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10 then make sure to run the trainer with Administrator rights and when needed in Windows XP or Windows 98 compatibility mode!

This is the most advanced BDO Fishing Bot to date, and comes with an auto-updater. When the next patch comes out, it should automatically update to the new offsets, which allows it to hook onto Black Desert Online's client to perpetrate the use of the bot in water. However keep in mind, this works on official servers, and private servers are not recognized.

BDO Fishing Bot Instructions

  1. Extract .zip in a separate folder
  2. Start Loader as Administrator
  3. Start BDO
  4. Follow additional instructions inside Log of Loader

Settings for BDO Fishing Bot

  • Edit items inside settings.xml inside root folder BDO Fishbot
  • Reload changed settings with Shift + Alt + R while in-game
  • Additional information can be found here.

BDO Fishing Bot created by R3peat

Black Desert Online Nude Hack

Make your characters nude within BDO with this Black Desert Online Nude Hack. It comes with various options for you to enjoy. It will allow you to apply the nude packs with various options ranging from completely nude to partially nude. Simply run the included exe and it will present you with the different options - download at the bottom of this page.

BDO Strategy Guide

Black Desert Online Nude Hack Features:

  • Remove the underwear but keeping the stockings (for the most cases)
  • Remove only the regular armors (it keeps the costumes only)
  • Discover the textures names of any file you want, and it even extracts the texture for you in real time.
  • Remove a specific part of any armor, all you have to do is type the .PAC name of the armor.
  • Hide your weapon when not in combat mode
  • Ability to Undo the last changes.
  • Restore a specific part of any armor, all you have to do is type the .PAC name of the armor.
  • It saves the state of the tool after you close it, and it loads it back again when you open it, so you can continue to mod right where you left.
  • Menu option system improved so you can simply toggle the options.
  • Remove Starter Armor/Gloves/Boots/Underwear separately
  • Remove the all of the Sorceress's Amulets and Talismans or just the starters, or none.
  • You can choose if the changes will apply to female, male only or both
  • It creates backups every time a new .meta file is downloaded and none of the the files sizes of the backup matches. Also the backups are named using the date they were created.

Black Desert Online Nude Hack - Censored

Menu Option 1 - Install:
In this menu, you don't have to type enter to change the values, simple press the number and the values will change. Press ENTER to confirm your settings and apply the patch.

Option 1 - Armor :

  • Remove All : Removes Upperbody part, Shoulder, Cloak. It can be overridden by the next options.
  • Remove Starter : Removes the Starter armors for all classes (Again only Upperbody, Shoulder, Cloak body parts)
  • Remove Regular Armors only : Removes only the armors that are not costumes.
  • Remove Life Skills Armors only : Removes the armors like the Riding Costume, the Gathering Outfit
  • Keep Life Skills Armors only : It removes all the other armors but these
  • Keep All : Doesn't remove any armor

Option 2 - Underwear :

  • Remove All : Removes all Underwear for all classes (Notice, even if you set to remove here, if you set the "Stockings" option to "Keep All", the stockings will be there)
  • Keep All : Doesn't remove any underwear

Option 3 - Lowerbody :

  • Remove All Panties and Some Pants : It removes all the "shorts" and panties that specially Ranger and Tamer have under their clothes. About the pants, it only removes the pants that, even after removing them, there's still something else from the armor to cover.
  • Remove Starter Panties only : This was intended to be used with the Armor option "Remove Starter" as well.
  • Remove Panties only : Removes only the panties and shorts, no pants are removed.
  • Keep All : Doesn't remove anything

Option 4 - Gloves :

  • Remove All : Removes all the gloves from all armors
  • Remove Starter Gloves only : As the name says
  • Remove Regular Gloves only : Intended to be used with the Armor option "Remove Regular Armor" option
  • Keep All : Doesn't remove anything

Option 5 - Boots : Same thing as gloves

Option 6 - Helmets :

  • Removes All
  • Keeps All

Option 7 - Stockings :

  • BDO Leveling, PVP, Crafting GuidesRemove All : Removes all the stockings from the underwears (You have to be using the "Remove All" or the "Remove Starter" option from underwear to make this work)
  • Keep All : Keeps the stockings of the underwears, even if you put the "Remove All" option in the Underwear section (This was a lot of work to make it work, you have no idea)

Option 8 - Weapons :

  • Remove All Sorceress Weapons
  • Remove Sorceress Starter Weapons
  • Hide when not in Combat Mode : Whenever you character is not in the combat mode "Tab", his/hers weapon doesn't appear

Option 9 - Gender :

  • Female only : Applies the changes to female characters only (when applicable)
  • Males only : Applies the changes to only male character only (when applicable)
  • Both Genders: Applies the changes to male and females

Menu Option 2 - Remove a specific Part:
Just type the .PAC name of the file you want to remove after the "File to REMOVE:" message and press ENTER

This is useful when you want to restore only a specific armor to the game. It will not accept if you use nothing that is not .pac and it ignores if you put spaces by mistake. However, it's not case sensitive, so don't worry about this.

Menu Option 3 - Restore a specific Part:
Same as the one before, but it un-patches a specific file instead. It can be used when you want to restore only a specific armor to the game.

Menu Option 4 - Get Textures of an Armor:
Type in any .pac name into the program, and the program will extract the .pac file, look which texture it loads, display you which textures are, and will extract them to you "character/texture" folder.

Menu Option 5 - Undo last changes
The program uses the file "patcher_state.bin" which contains the 9 configurations of the Menu 1, followed by the offset of all the bytes that were altered in the .meta file during the last run of the patcher, and then the original 2 numbers that were patched.

When you choose this option, ir reads this file, goes to the offset, and restores the original content, for each file you patched in the last run.

Everytime you apply the patch, the file is deleted and a new one is created.

Menu Option 6 - Restore Backup
Gives you a list of all the backups the program made during the execution. The last one is the most up-to-date one.

Black Desert Online Nude Hack Download:

NOTE: Press  SKIP AD  at the top of the link, to get to the download page. We use to mask all links and prevent bots from issuing automatic DMCA removal requests (and it works surprisingly well).


Black Desert Online Nude Hack Instructions:

  • Place ALL THE FILES from the .zip file into your "PAZ" folder.
  • Run resorepless.exe
  • Use the menus to patch your game.

Warning: Every time there is any game update, uninstall the mod by using the "Restore backup" option, update your game, and re-apply the patcher to your updated game.

Black Desert Online Nude Hack

Using different nude textures:
By default, this Black Desert Online Nude Hack comes with Joku's Nude Textures (Shaved), all credits to Joku for the textures.

If you want to use any other nude texture, place the custom textures in the folder "PAZ/patcher_resources/texture" and rename them accordingly, then re-apply the patch:

PBW_00_NUDE_0001 - Tamer nude texture
PEW_01_NUDE_0001 - Ranger nude texture
PHW_01_NUDE_0001 - Sorceress/Valkyrie/Kunoichi/Plum nude texture
PWW_01_NUDE_0001 - Witch nude texture

Black Desert Online Bot – Free to use (while in beta)

Black Desert Online BotEvery once in a while, something pops up, which seems newsworthy. For us, it's the fact that there is a Black Desert Online Bot which is Free to use while in beta. It hosts plenty of features, which I will list below. But rest assured, it does include a Fishing Bot - which is one of my personal favorites in any game.

Now as I mentioned, the bot itself is free to use, while it's in beta testing. The actual cost may or many not have a monthly/yearly fee. You will have to check their forums to find out what the pricing structure will be. Since it's free for now however, we highly recommend jumping on the free bandwagon and using it to your heart's content.

Black Desert Online Bot Features :

  • AutoFisher (Alt+F)
    • Set it and forget it.
    • Fishes with the game fully minimized.
    • Plays the mini-game perfectly every time.
    • Changes poles when your current one breaks.
    • Equips any fishing pole in your inventory.
    • Displays how long it will take to catch a fish.
    • Deletes lowest quality fish when your inventory fills up, so you don't miss out on high-value fish.
    • Deletes broken and un-repairable fishing poles.
    • Deletes fishing junk.
  • AutoLooter (Alt+L)
    • Picks up loot near you instantly and seamlessly (currently non-group only).
  • De-camouflage
    • Shows the name and guild of people using the Treant set to hide. No more pay-to-win advantage.
  • MiniGamer
    • Automatically plays the milking and horse taming mini-games.
  • AutoResell (Alt+S)
    • Resells the last item you registered on the marketplace for the same price (Incredibly useful for items that don't stack, and the price fluxuates quickly)
  • AmityHelper (Alt+A)
    • Plays the last round of cards you played in the Amity minigame.
  • Captcha Bypass

Full Featured BDO Guide

Get the Free2Use Black Desert Online Bot

Non-VIP Link | Guide: How to Bypass Surveys to download files

VIP Link (Password - see below)

NOTE: Press  SKIP AD  at the top of the link, to get to the download page. We use to mask all links and prevent bots from issuing automatic DMCA removal requests (and it works surprisingly well).


Black Desert Online Guide – Free Download

Black Desert Online GuideThis is your own personal copy of a well written Black Desert Online Guide. There is no official level cap within the game Black Desert Online. However leveling is most important feature in the game. You should, try to reach level 50 as quickly as possible to unlock several events in the game. This will allow you to make the most of BDO and and enjoy it to it's fullest.

With our Black Desert Online Guide leveling section, leveling is not a boring activity any longer. You won't grind over and over in order to level fast. This Black Desert Online Guide will guide you step-by-step on how to leveling as fast as possible while leaving you space to enjoy the game on your own. Continue reading "Black Desert Online Guide – Free Download"

Perma Stun Bosses – Fixed? Black Desert Online

Perma Stun Bosses trick

What is the Perma Stun Bosses Trick? It's a trick which while harnessing the power of an in-game item which can be purchased from a couple different NPC vendors for Contribution Points, will allow you to permanently stun any and all bosses, including World bosses.

There is a rumor going around that this exploit to Perma Stun Bosses is fixed. I am not entirely sure this is true, so i am going to leave it up to you to figure that out or not - or if it's just a rumor to get people to stop doing it. Just let us know in the comments below if it truly is fixed or not. Supposedly some people are still doing it and some are even streaming it - thus the question at to the validity of the rumor. Continue reading "Perma Stun Bosses – Fixed? Black Desert Online"

Pass Through Invisible Walls Cheat – Black Desert Online

It is entirely possible to Pass Through Invisible Walls. However you can only do it for a short time, as there is a debuff on the other side which is so that you won't go into those restricted areas of Black Desert Online. Continue reading "Pass Through Invisible Walls Cheat – Black Desert Online"

150k Silver hourly BDO fishing guide – Black Desert Online

This 150k Silver hourly BDO fishing guide is unreal. Imagine going AFK for an hour and coming back to 150k in items ready to be sold at a trader. This is a powerful Sivler Farming Guide for any Black Desert Online adventurer. Now imagine what could happen if you went to sleep for 8 hours... amazing!

150k Silver hourly BDO fishing150k Silver hourly BDO fishing guide

Before I go into this more, I need to go over something here. Fishing while AFK is allowed with the TOS. It is completely legal under the game rules, and it's part of the game mechanics to allow you to do this. Second, you need to understand that this is neither a complete fishing guide, nor a complete trader guide. It's a little of both, and not at all. I am simply going to point you to where you need to go, and other pertinent information.

On that note, you should also know that with fishing it's entirely possible to make 500k silver an hour, however there are locations which are not usually shared, called Hotspots. These so-called hotspots are locations where a fishing node has been found which is persistent. 

If one of our VIP members wants to share the location, write it in the comments, and before approving, I will move the info to the hidden VIP area below. We need the minimap and a picture of the exact spot to fish, since nodes are hard to find otherwise.


We hope you enjoyed this 150k Silver hourly BDO guide. Credit for this Black Desert Guide goes to:

Fastest Black Desert Leveling Guide

Level Horse Stats Fast Endless Gallop AutoRun – Black Desert Online Cheat

Level Horse Stats Fast BDO CheatI am sure by now you have found that you can Level Horse Stats Fast when you gallop, but it only lasts so much, before the gallop ends. Well here's a way to give you an Endless Gallop Autorun. Now mind you, while I call it endless, it's not - and you won't be able to do it AFK. In fact you will need to be active and at the computer while you play Black Desert online. Continue reading "Level Horse Stats Fast Endless Gallop AutoRun – Black Desert Online Cheat"

More Worker Stamina – Black Desert Online Cheat

More Worker StaminaThis More Worker Stamina, is an unconfirmed Black Desert Online Cheat. We know we're missing a step, but we're posting it for our members anyways. It basically allows you to recover stamina, while your workers are still working. We aren't sure if it's a glitch or a stamina dupe, but we do know we need your help sorting it out.

More Worker Stamina unconfirmed BDO cheat

I wanted to recover more worker stamina and first clicked "recover all". The 2nd window then opens where you have to again click "cancel" or "recover all". This is where the More Worker Stamina Cheat comes into play - and I am still not completely sure on the steps or how I did it. If you figure it out, post in the comments below, and I will add the steps (without posting it for all to read so it remains private).

Now this Unconfirmed BDO Cheat for More Worker Stamina could simply could be a visual glitch, or it could be a stamina dupe. I don't know at this point, and need help testing further.

image source 

Fountain Water Collection Trick – Black Desert Online

Fountain Water Collection TrickHere's a Fountain Water Collection Trick for if you've been using our Water Collection Macro to collect water while AFK. You might have come up with a problem taking the water out of a fountain. Since weight is a big deciding factor in Black Desert Online, once you're over your 130% carrying capacity when you come back to your computer, you might have been forced to drop some of the weight to get out. Continue reading "Fountain Water Collection Trick – Black Desert Online"

AFK Strength Leveling Cheat – Black Desert Online

In order to do AFK Strength Leveling, you need to AFK Strength Leveling Cheatunderstand one thing in this game - you can do anything AFK, as long as your character is able to actually do it. For example, Fishing is completely allowed to do AFK, in fact, it's built into the game and is allowed. So how can we level strength AFK? Well we're going to have to use some clever Black Desert Online Cheating.

Because AFK Fishing is allowed, the game client doesn't actually check to ensure that you are active and doing anything, which is how we will get away with this AFK Strength Leveling in the first place. Continue reading "AFK Strength Leveling Cheat – Black Desert Online"

Find any Player trick – Black Desert Online

Find any Player trick for BDOWe're not going to judge why you want to use this Find any Player trick, because we know that there are many uses which can be used with this trick. For example, you see someone who wants to trade an item, they are willing to meet you halfway. Are they actually travelling somewhere to meet you, or are they laying in ambush with some guildmates? 

Find any Player trick for BDO

Or maybe you want to use this Find any Player trick because there's this one guy who just annoys the crap out of you or constantly talks trash in chat, and you want to "talk" to him a bit more personally.

If you're looking for a good fishing spot, or maybe a good farming spot, or just want to pk someone from a rival guild, this Find any Player trick is your meal ticket. It will cost you 5 energy, but well worth it for the right buyers.

What is a Node? A Black Desert Online Guide

What is a Node? A node is a point on the map that contains either a small village / farm, a city or a point of interest. A few node examples are when we find them in Farms, Cities, and Points of Interest. I will go into that a bit more below. Continue reading "What is a Node? A Black Desert Online Guide"

Water Collection Macro – Black Desert Online

If you need to collect a lot of water, then this Water Collection Macro is going to come in handy. It's actually built for a Razer Synapse Keyboard, however if you have a good mouse or some skills with AutoIt, should be able to recreate fairly easily. Continue reading "Water Collection Macro – Black Desert Online"

Extra Inventory Slots Quest List – Black Desert Online

Here's a way to get extra inventory slots in Black Desert Online, without buying them inside the cash shop. Follow this quest list and earn bag slots for your character. There are actually several quests which will award you with an extra slot for your inventory - but only about 30 of them (so far) that we know of.  Continue reading "Extra Inventory Slots Quest List – Black Desert Online"