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Tool: Timed Key Spammer

Timed Key Spammer sends key strokes to an active window on a timed basis, using the WinApi function: PostMessage.  It allows you to choose between Text or Keys, to be sent, such as Up/Down, CTRL, ALT, Shift, or Enter. It

Any Game: Macro Recorders

Here are 3 different macro recorders, which can be used to automate your game. They can be used to make jump macros, fishing bots, or almost anything you can think of which do not require access to the memory offsets.

DC Universe Online: Level 13-30 AFK

Using any macro tool, you can level from 13-30 easily using this method. It will take about 5-6 hours per character to level 13 to 30, but it's perfect for leaving on overnight or while you do other things like

Rift: Pixel Bot

This is a pixel bot, which I found at another site. It will auto target, attack mobs, auto loot, and auto heal. It's a VERY basic bot, which can't even do patrols yet. It can also clean your clipboard, so

Runes of Magic: How to Set Up RomBot Guide

This is a guide to help you both setup, as well as get the actual ROMBot program. It can be used to level, as well as to farm items, when properly setup. However you will need to learn a bit

World of Warcraft: Bl1zz4rDs FishY Bot (fish bot)

This is a nice and easy Fish Bot for World of Warcraft. It works flawlessly, and this far is suspension/ban free. I've been using this for several characters now. It differs from other fish bots, in that this one has

Rift: Don’t Buy This Bot – Scam Warning!

If you have been wanting to go out and do some leveling, but you don't want to do it yourself, there are only 2 options, right? You either pay someone to level for you... or you get a bot. Unfortunately,

FFXIV: Free to use Crafting Bot

This is a crafting pixel-bot, for FF14, which is based on Auto-It. For now, it is free to use, and fairly self explanatory, however I would expect that this will become pay to use, once it's perfected.

Runes of Magic: Free to Use Leveling Bot

Sometimes, we wish, that we didn't have to pay a monthly or a yearly fee to bot. As it happens, Runes of Magic has a thriving community built around a free to use and scripting & macro system. Here's the

EVE Online: Roid Ripper v3 – free macro miner

As the lead developer so graciously informed me, Roid Ripper was recently updated to version 3, from Version 2. Roid Ripper is a free to use macro miner tool, which will automate your mining for you. It's features are as

Archaeology Buddy, for HonorBuddy

If you have an older version of HonorBuddy and don't have a lifetime membership, then you can use this plugin to not only raise your Archaeology skills, but to fly from spot to spot. If you have a new version,

WoWGlider News… errr I mean MMOGlider News

So a few years later, MMOGlider is back, kind of. It seems the 9th Circuit of Appeals, has repealed the Blizzard vs Mercury Win. Check out the PDF, and our rundown of what this means, and the future of WoWGlider.

StarWars Galaxy: Level 5-90 Entertainer in 2 hours, no Crash

This is similar to other 2 hour entertainer macros, but won't make you crash like a lot of the other macros out there these days.

Runescape: RSBot Upgraded to v2.1 – The Reformation

RSBot quickly became the most used Bot of any that has ever been seen. By being free and open RSBot has become a global phenomena with over 10 million downloads and the largest RuneScape cheating community in existence. However, this

Darkfall Online: AFK Magic Raising Macro

The following macro, is very general and it's possible this could be made for use in more then just magic, but that would take some fiddling with. This macro was made in AutoHotKey. You will need to download that program,

FFXIV: Macro Guide, and sample scripts

FFXIV's Macro System is like FFXI's Macro System. When you set macros and use reasonably, playing FFXIV will be more efficient. You will have fun when you master the macro settings. Basic information for FFXIV Macros The macro binding CTRL and

Guide to Easy Macroing, Starcraft 2, Evony, WoW, Aion, FFXIV

Several people write me for scripts or tools to use for buffing, enchanting, crafting, or whatever. This tool, with this walkthrough, will explain how you can make your one scripts, EASILY. First, you need to get this program - It

Aion: Free to Use, Multi-Class Bot

This is a free to use Aion bot. Its free at the moment but its going to become a pay service. So use it now, learn it, and see if you like it. Likely the cost will be $30 a

Aion: Cleric Healing, Buffing, Leveling, and Combat Macros

Aion: Cleric Macros written and compiled by magicard5861 Here are some macros for any Cleric, which will help with your healing and buffing, leveling, and combat. Use these in game macros to better master your class and skills.

Runescape: Working Bots, Macros, & Scripts

It seems that Jagex has been going through and rampaging the internet, forcefully taking down all the bots it could. The only survivors, seem to be programs which were not intentionally made to run Runescape automation scripts, but do have some

Starcraft 2: Auto and Semi-Auto Start Helping script

Starcraft 2 Helping script: This is not intended as a full bot, and will instead help Starcraft 2 players to get started and make game play easier. It was written by someone who claims to have shaky hands, but could