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Custom Chams List – CSGO

If you're one of the people who likes to experiment with various chams effects, you're going to love this Custom Chams List. Not only will you will be able to modify your files to have a metallic sheen, but also to

CSGO Pixel AHK AimBot – Color Detection

This CSGO Pixel AHK AimBot works in a unique method. It specifically targets the color of pixels on your enemies weapon, to help you aim. As long as your enemies are using standard colors, then this with help you to aim

Gzuzware Auto-Injector – CSGO

Gzuzware Auto-Injector is a dll injector created to be used with CounterStrike Global Offensive. Up until very recently, it was a private injector, so at this point in time, its undetectable. However taking precautions is always a good thing. This

ABS External Multihack – Aimbot, Glowhack +15 – CSGO

This ABS External Multihack for CSGO has a multitude of features (listed below), but includes all of your favorites including Aimbot, Glow Hack (based on health), Bunnyhop, and skin changer. Because it's external, it can afford to have more features, and

Reborn Glow Hack free download – CSGO

This Reborn Glow Hack, is a wallhack that hasn't been detectable for over a year, and is still undetectable as of today. It will provide you with a health based glow, which shows you where your enemies are, in CSGO. Speaking

QueCheat External Game Hack – CSGO

QueCheat External Game Hack brings a whole slew of game hacks for your CSGO Gaming enjoyment, including TriggerBot, Aimbot, GlowESP, RadarHack, and NoFlash (muzzle). Read the full list below. QueCheat External Game Hack v3.9.1  for Counter Strike Global Offensive, was

CSGO Knife Damage Bug

Do you know about the CSGO Knife Damage Bug? It's something everyone who plays CSGO, should know. How to avoid it, and how to do more damage with knife attacks. This isn't the same old bug where if you miss,

CSGO Hack Menu Download

CSGO Hack Menu was released, as there is now a new version of Counterstrike Global Offensive out. This CSGO Hack Menu has a whole slew of features including triggerbot, aimbot, bunnyhop, ESP, and Skins. Read the complete list of hacks

CSGO Offsets – Aimbot, Triggerbot, Wallhack

These  are the current working CSGO Offsets which will make your game hacks for CounterStrike Global Offensive, operational. This is not a game hack, but rather the offsets to make your game hack work, when there is an option to edit

CSGO Name Changing C++ Source Code

This CSGO Name Changing C++ Source Code makes it harder for you to be kicked and reported during a matchup by assigning a random string char name and cloaking it from others. Additionally it will allow you to be invisible

CSGO Glow Wallhack

This CSGO Glow Wallhack is both a Glow Hack and a Wallhack, and is working on the current version of Counterstrike Global Offensive (as of 9 March 2017). See the image below to see it in action.  CSGO Glow Wallhack The

CSGO Multihack-Aimbot & Weapon Skin Changer

This CSGO Multihack-Aimbot & Weapon Skin Changer has several features, but since we posted a list of all the available Weapon Skins earlier, we thought you might also appreciate a tool which will allow you to apply each of the weapon


If you've been looking for the complete known list of CSGO Skin IDs, then who are we to disappoint? While we aren't listing them with pix (it would take too much bandwidth and page load time), we are going to

CSGO Multihack Tool v6.5

CSGO Multihack Tool v6.5 was created for the latest release of Counter Strike Global Offensive, and was released on 07 October 2016. If there has been an update to CS:GO since this date, then this tool is obsolete. Status: UNDETECTED

CSGO Private Hack – Free Download

This CSGO Private Hack has a few features, and likely my favorite is simply the name change feature. Everyone has their own version of radar or bunny hop, but a name changer? Imagine going in-game, getting called a hacker... denying it,

FaceIt AimBot Detection Method

Have you ever wondered how the FaceIt AimBot Detection Method works? If you play CSGO (Counterstrike Global Offensive), and you make your own aimbots or compile them, and wonder why you managed to get a ban, then this basic information may

CSGO PolyHack Suite – Free Download

The CSGO PolyHack Suite combines ESP glow, radar hack, triggerbot, and recoil control. This is mostly a copy/paste from Merccy's code, however some features which are detectable have been removed, others have been updated. This is my first time doing anything

CSGO Health Modification ESP Color Change

This CSGO Health Modification ESP Color Change is a simple hack, which will change the color of enemy players, so that as their health goes down, their outline color changes. It will also work as an ESP, which will allow you

CSGO Hours Boosting Bot Free Script

A CSGO Hours Boosting Bot Free Script is yours to play with, without the need to pay for it. Instead of compiling a bot this is the source code with easy instructions on use, even with Steam Mobile Authentication. While usually

CSGO Glow-Hack – Aimbot & Triggerbot

This CSGO Glow-Hack has just a few functions which makes you that much more formidable in Counter Strike Global Offensive's PVP such as Glow, Aimbot, Triggerbot. No injector needed, just swap a couple files, load the game and GO! We

CSGO Multihack ESP & Radar

This CSGO Multihack ESP recently had it's pointers updated, but it's a tool which while currently undetected, will give you a few advanced features to the game including Radar, GlowESP, and Aimbot. As with all game hacks, use at your