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It's now easier to purchase a subscription and become VIP at MMOExploiters. We have been around since 2001. In 2001, there were 3 cheat sites, including this site. Since then cheat sites have popped up, and gone under. Some of

Darkfall – Secret Iron Nodes Cave

There is a super secret cave, with a ton of Iron Nodes and a Chest, north of Gulg, in a mountain. What most people don't realize is that within this mountain, there is a cave which looks like it has

Darkfall Online – Unholy Wars: World Map

If you are looking for a full featured map for DFO Unholy Wars, then look no further. Not only does this map show the entire map in high detail, but it also shows the locations of mobs and other landmarks

Darkfall Online: Ride Mount Under Water

This exploit was nerfed sometime ago, but there is a new way, which is making this work, now. Nor sure when it will be fixed, so not going to hide it from the public.

Darkfall Online: AFK Magic Raising Macro

The following macro, is very general and it's possible this could be made for use in more then just magic, but that would take some fiddling with. This macro was made in AutoHotKey. You will need to download that program,

Darkfall Online: Silently Dismount, no warning noise trick

If you ever closed in on a mob spawn and heard fighting noise, and wanted to sneak up silently but were mounted, here comes your salvation. This trick will allow you to nigh silently, sneak up on the enemy, and

Darkfall Online: 5 Bugged Mobs with Directions & Methods

Darkfall is a game of insanely high standards for a new player to be able to compete and an impossible grind curve (by legitimate means) . Many of the 'vets' of this game will never help you out and will

DarkFall Online: 2 Person Item Dupe Bug

This was submitted to us for review and free access to mmoexploiters.  However because it's a Dupe Bug, I can't just share it with the public.  This has not been tested by me, I do not play Darkfall.  If someone

Darkfall: Get inside buildings exploit

There are a couple ways to get inside buildings, and the first one while seemingly simple, takes a bit to get it to work.  It's easiest to do, if you have a pause on your modem, or use something like

Darkfall: Cause mobs to kill each other

This exploit actually has more then one use.  You can use it to block dungeon entrances, so that no one else can get in, thus avoiding PK attacks.  You can also use it to block mobs' AOE and Nuke attacks,

Darkfall: Macro undetected in peace, from PKers

Some spots as you know are highly watched, while others will be sparsely watched.  Using this trick, you can macro, without the worry of being caught.  It won't hide the program, but rather, it will hide your character. This is

Darkfall: Escape from PvP, without dying

One of the worst things about PvP, is being looted.  With this exploit, you will be able to cheat death, and not lose your items - however, you will probably lose your mount.  However the savings in time and money

5 Greatest MMO tricks and scams

written by Ashling We’ve all been there, as with any social game we must sometimes put our trust in others, many times people we have never met in person…most of the time things go just fine. However, there are those

Darkfall Online (DFO): Sand Scarab exploit

This spot is a spawn of Sand Scarabs that can be easily killed by perching them in their own spawn, and sometimes they bug themselves out. What to look for: There are numerous building remains all over the place. On

Darkfall Online (DFO): Cairn Giant terrain exploit

This spot is a spawn of 2-4 Cairn Giants that spawn around a 4 story tower/building that can be killed rather fast/safe. It's also a great way to level up some of your skills. How it works: A) Gain aggro

Darkfall Online (DFO): Frostwalker glitch

This spot is a spawn of 4 Frostwalkers that bug themselves out and allow you to level your skills on them. How it works: 4 Frost walkers will spawn up in a tree Train skills Notes: Sometimes they fall out

Darkfall Online (DFO): Menhir Stoneguard melee trick

Menhir Stoneguards, Near the dungeon west of sandstone hamlet. can easily be soloed, without receiving much damage, by using this little known trick which keeps you just out of their reach. Try to pull the mob one at a time

DarkFall Online: Cairn Giant easy kill exploit

This spot is a spawn of 2-4 Cairn Giants that spawn around a 4 story tower that can be killed rather fast and safely. This may take a little practice to get it to work right, but it's a great

Darkfall Online: Trap a mob, then use to increase skills easily

You can melee this mob which you can get stuck, for great gains or stand a distance and debuff or whatever with magic.  Great way to raise your skills unchallenged. Note: This spot is nerfed (thanks readers). Use at your

Darkfall Online: Sprint without losing stamina

This exploit will allow you to sprint all around, without ever losing stamina.  It does take a bit of practice.  Once you have it down however, it will allow you to outrun PKers or to catch up to peeps you

Darkfall Online: Kill the hardest mob in the game! The Devil

USER SUBMITTED POSTING EXACTLY AS SUBMITTED I'm going to explain what each party member needs in detail as well as the strategy which will allow you to take one of these things down in about 20 minutes worth of work.

Darkfall Online: Take 50% less damage

You need the sidestep melee upgrade, the one where you can double tap in any direction. The trick is, after having engaged a mob in melee, spam double tap backward while swinging like crazy. You'll notice the mob will miss you