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Origin Store half price exploit

For this to work, you will need a VPN with different country IPs. I recommend HideMyAss Pro VPN!, since it offers a ton of IPs. You will need to connect to both your Origin account, as well as the country,

Buy Windows 8, for $15 – Legit Copy via Website Loophole

Windows 8 launched in 37 languages and 140 worldwide markets, and has a special promo going, which you can exploit to gain the software for only $15. This guide will teach you everything you need to know to get this

LOTRO: OD is using HiPS an exploit?

Two opinions (neither of them mine) from the main forums: Re: Ost Dunhoth Strategy and Videos (Spoilers) HiPS, an exploit? Ok, now that we don't have to plague the other thread with this whole discussion. I hope that it's ok

Evony: Earn Free Cents Trick

Do you want to earn Free Cents In Evony? Learn how to get the edge on the competition in one of the worlds most popular browser games, Evony. You won't need to follow any out of game tasks, nor follow

Rift: Closing Rift Exploit

Rift: No more running to Death Rifts, Constant Respawn Location

If you are level 48+ and have completed the quest in Stillmoor which gives you the item Attuned Talisman, it gives the ability to goto the Eye of Regulos (without dying) located at (1859, 2636). The Eye of Regulos, has

Runes of Magic: Dupe Bug

This is not a gold or item dupe, in the traditional sense. This dupe allows you to use the same consumable item over and over.

DC Universe Online: Mortar Cheat – 1000-3000 Damage

Using any of the following abilities, Ice, Gadgets, or Sorcery there is a way to make a Mortar (Rifle ability) go from 150 damage to anywhere from 1000 up to 3000 damage, when crit. Perfect for destroying the enemy with

Rift: Unconfirmed Rift Invader Boss Exploit – 1 Hit Kill

This is an unconfirmed exploit, which allows someone to kill a Rift Invader, with 1 hit. It was found yesterday, by an enterprising young invader killer and exploited all to heck. Expect a quick fix on this.

Runes of Magic: No Danger Zone, when swimming in open sea

This is a little trick, for Runes of Magic players, which will allow you to glitch yourself, and avoid the Danger Zone, allowing you to go anywhere in the map. If you go too far you will get the dreaded

Rift: Full Tier 1 or 2, in hours from Realm of the Fae expert

This is an Realm of the Fae expert mode exploit, which will allow you to gain a full set of Tier 1 or Tier 2 set of armor in a matter of hours, not days or even weeks. You will need

Rift: Rogue Full Health Trick

This is a little trick you can use to get to full health, while out of combat. It assumes you have the assassination tree ability, Enduring Brew. Perfect for when you are out of drinks.

Rift: No Fall Damage from Cliffs and Steep Slopes cheat

I have tested this one personally, and fallen, from what should have killed my character, multiple times over. It works... and it's not a game hack. It is however a cheat, and as such, should not be shown to others.

Rift: Never Die in PvP/Battle Again

It seems that there is a exploit, which will allow you to teleport out of battle, at any time. This is especially useful in PvP, as you never have to die again. It will in fact allow you to teleport

Rift: Kick Spammers From Chat Channels – permanently!

This can be used actually on anyone, but I like the thought of doing it to gold spammers... However, this only works on chat channels, and not in /1 zone chat. However it can be used in any other chat

Rift: Get under Meridian

This is a exploit and can be used to get underneath Meridian. Perfect for PvP or exploring. It might also be useful in other areas. To do this, you need either Angelic Flight or Mighty Leap.

Rift: Warlock Double Cast AoE Exploit

This is a Warlock trick, that will allow you to Double Cast, on Area of Effect (AoE) attacks. It's highly mana intensive, but as a warlock, you should be able to regen the mana quickly. 2 DoTs (Damage Over Time)

StarWars Galaxy: Vendor Scam

This is a nifty scam, which can gain you millions from an unsuspecting player. It's a scam, because we use bait and switch on the sucker, in hopefully a way which will never be noticed.

Call of Duty Black Ops: Domination/HQ Sniper Spot

Credit to linny for this find The map isn't that clear, but there is a blue mark at the top of the map, its the ledge that you climb over to jump down where location "B" would be, or under

World of Warcraft: 1000+ Lovely Charms per hour

This is a combination farming spot and cheat, to farm Lovely Charms. You shouldn't get in trouble for the cheat, since it's simply using the game mechanics to your advantage, to cause a mob to constantly respawn.