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Is Game Hacking Useful in Life?

To answer the question, Is Game Hacking Useful in Life? One must actually look at what Game Hacking actually is. It's breaking down code, reverse engineering, code writing, learning networking protocols, and debugging. It's useful in creating games, tools, and programs.

Essential drinking tips for Halloween

Just wanted to share a few essential drinking tips tonight with you all for Halloween tonight. Since drinking and treating is on everyone's minds tonight, lets go over some essential drinking tips for tonight. Each of essential drinking tips in the image below

Clickbank Integration Coming Soon

Clickbank Integration

Over the next few days, we will complete our Clickbank Integration for  Clickbank allows us to reach a greater market and to let others know we are here. This in turn will allow us to bring you higher quality

God Hates Lag!

Saw this, had to share it! Why? Because not only does God hate lag, but so do all MMO players. It's bad enough when the other guy is better at you in PvP, but when you're 10 levels higher, better,

New Miscrosoft Game Coming Soon?

I was actually reading this article, and it discusses how Microsoft spends more then Apple and Google combined on research and development, to the tune of about 9.5 Billion (in 2011). One of the videos which went along with the

Fireworks on New Years Eve 2013 at Caesar’s Palace Las Vegas

For those of you who missed any type of fireworks show on New Year's Eve 2013, here's one I took with my camera in Las Vegas, standing on top of Bill's Gamblin Hall, overlooking the Las Vegas strip. The show

Bill Gates’ High School Commencement Speech 11 Tips to Life

Bill Gates recently gave a Commencement speech at a High School about 11 things they did not and will not learn in school. He talks about how feel-good, politically correct teachings created a generation of kids with no concept of

MMO: The Game Econonomy, Bots, & Gold Farmers

I saw something which made me laugh. It was a botter who was complaining about gold farmers ruining the game economy. It really doesn't matter which game it was for because in reality, I am sure people complain about gold

When gaming goes awry

I read a bit from some of the different news sites, to keep up with the latest information on which games are coming out for the MMO genre. So when I found a post written up on Game Informer talking

Firefox vs Chrome

I finally did it. I finally switched back from Google Chrome to Mozilla Firefox. I don't know why suddenly Chrome has become very buggy for me, but it started a couple months ago, when I couldn't open PayPal with Chrome.

Warning – Don’t Be Fooled!

Tomorrow is April Fools Day (at least in the USA), and some websites and (not-so friendly) friends might try to pull something over on you. Google (example 1 & example 2) and Blizzard are notorious for pulling pranks on patrons.

Google Authenticator Support

I do not know when Google made their own Authenticator, but I think it's a great idea. It turns out, that LastPass, my preferred Password Manager now offers support for the Google Authenticator. Now what makes this really unique isn't

Isk’s a crying shame….

Sometimes it feels like..... I’m not one for rants (sure uh huh) but it’s been a rough couple of weeks here Being basically a disabled shut in, my computer is my link to the world, (can’t afford tv and pc)

Quick FYI-> Lotro Movie

Movie Trailer for The Fellows Hip: Rise of the Gamers Movie Trailer Trailer Link: IMDB Info: The Fellows Hip: Rise of the Gamers: Official site: Podcast: LOTRO Reporter Episode 88 – The Fellows Hip Redux

Pottermore: Discussions on the movies and upcoming game

Does Pottermore stand for: Potter Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Experience   I had found and posted this article on Jun 28, 2009 at my kin/info site: which had lead me to believe that the next Turbine project was going

Outsourcing to the Philippines: Truths and Fairy Tales

Outsourcing to other countries can be both profitable... and a pain in the arse. Owning a gold and leveling company, I am always looking for way to enlarge my base, and when possible cut costs, so that I can compete

Lotro: Pre-Purchase Rise of Isengard hmmm, I feel a rise ..... my gorge begins to rise:) A little more than I think I personally want to spend for just more grinding...

Just for funsies

I had heard a lot about Angry Birds when I was doing research on android tablets and after painful first hand experience discovering the ones I could afford were no "bargains" as they were all at android 1.5 or 1.6

Lotro fan movies, Insomniacs rejoice

You remember The Hunt for Gollum? Welcome to the official site for The Hunt For Gollum; the award winning unofficial prequel to The Lord of the Rings there is a new short that is pretty funny it tries to

Free photo editing software

from: CyberLink PhotoDirector 2011 is the first photo-editing program from the company behind PowerDirector, a top-rated video-editing tool. It's due to go on sale later this month for $99.95. However, if you're game to be a beta tester and