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WoW: Brawler’s Guild – Complere Achievements & Fights Guide

This guide will teach you how to quickly gain ranks in the Brawlers Guild, a level 90 (MoP only) feature in which players fight bosses to test how good they are at solo content. This guide does not show any

WoW: Easy lesser charms, XP, battle stones, lvl 25 Pets

This is a method and location for taking on wild pets which should be able to score you 4 million exp per hour at level 88-89. This includes counters and openers to the different pets you will be facing. The

WoW: How to Obtain Fire Kitty Transformation Seeds solo

WoW patch 5.2 brought [Burning Seed]. What this does is give you a one hour buff that gives you the fire kitty transformation. This buff persists through death, spec change, zone changing, and shapshifting. You can only have five seeds

WoW: Making Gold with Engineering in patch 5.2

Engineering is seen as a poor means to make gold in World of Warcraft. Many players tend to avoid it in favor of other high yield professions such as Inscription. But on the right server and with a little local

WoW: Easy way to make some gold – Tiny Sporebats

Setting this up, is a pain in the arse, but once it's setup, it's extremely easy to to buy a pet and then resell it for as much as 10k gold.  Tiny Sporebats can only be purchased when you get

WoW: Trove of the Thunder King 10+ chest route

This Chest farming route was filmed on the PTR for patch 5.3, but we expect that it should work when it goes live. This is so reliable that after 4 times on the PTR my lowest number of chests was

WoW: Gold Tip – Items no longer available

As it turns out, when Cataclysm was released, a few items became unavailable. They weren't removed from the game, they simply weren't being added anymore. These items are now worth as much as 10k gold. All you need to do,

WoW: How to tame Gummi the Porcupine Spirit Beast

Taming Gumi is the most difficult taming challenge I’ve ever experienced playing a hunter. Those of you that solo-tamed King Krush back in WotLK…that was nothing compared to trying to wrangle this mob. Deth’tilac…pffft! Not even in the same league.

WoW: Make Gold, Selling BOP Pets

There is a nifty little trick you can do, which will make you some nice money in WoW. All you need to do is sell pets. Simple, right? Well what if there was a way to get a "rare" pet

WoW: How to Earn Reputation and gain your own Cloud Serpent

The Order of the Cloud Serpent is a new faction that was introduced into World of Warcraft with the latest expansion: Mists of Pandaria. For those of you who did the Netherwing dailies, these are exactly the same. At least

WoW: Gold Making Tip – 2 Rare Items to scan for on the AH

In World of Warcraft, there are 2 items which came out in a recent patch that are very rare. When I say very rare, I am talking about an extremely low drop rate, while the items cannot be transmorgrified, will

WoW: Gold Making Explained the Incription Shuffle Video Guide

One of the quicker ways to make gold in World of Warcraft, is with inscription via the Inscription Shuffle. With this method, the object isn't to even sell glyphs at all! It is a real simple way to quickly make

WoW: Mage PvP Guide

In the World of Warcraft universe, as a mage, you use magical spells to deal devastating damage to your enemies. Your weakness in a strategic sense is your ability, and hindrance, to be a glass cannon. The class as a

WoW: Easiest way to farm gold

If you aren't interested in learning the subtle ways to making gold, then this is the guide for you. However you should know that while this guide is easy, it's also not the way where you will make a lot

WoW: Top DPS Build for Brewmaster Monk

As a tanking class, Monks are THE top dps providing raid utility. This guide will teach you how to keep your raid alive, minimize damage taken and maximize dps. Brewmaster Monk Build

WoW: Changes to Shaman PvP Builds in 5.2

These are the changes you will probably want to make to your Elemental spec Shaman for PvP in patch 5.2 of World of Warcraft. This is not a definitive guide, just some recommendations based on changes to WoW in 5.2.

WoW: Windwool Cloth farming location for Mages

Really, you could farm this location with any class, but there is a trick which makes it extremely easy for mages in particular. You will be able to farm Windwool Cloth among other items of particular note. The trick is

WoW: How to make gold with Jewelcrafting without enchanting

I have been read a bit about making WoW gold with Jewel Crafting and have noticed that nearly all the guides involve using enchanting to disenchant rings, necks etc. This guide is for the people who want to make gold,

WoW: You’ve just been scammed, what do you do?

Well, one way to get things settled after you have been scammed, is to write a petition to a GM. You write the time, the day, what you said, what they said, what happened, what you lost... and then a

WoW: Unique way to advertise companion pets for sale

This won't work everytime, but for those times it does, this is a rather unique way to advertising companion pets for sale. It will get you quite a bit of head turning, and even some pissed off people when they

WoW: 20g profit in 30 seconds – repeatable

This won't last long, in fact it will probably cause a portion of the enchanting market to crash, because it's so simple and easy to do. You're going to buy an item for less then 25 coppers, disenchant the item,