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Ladder Climbing Guide – Heroes of the Storm

This Ladder Climbing Guide for HotS is a long journey, but easily obtainable, with a bit of work on your part. I myself, like many other players, came to detest ranked gaming, not understanding why I wasn’t climbing – so I decided

HotS Leveling Bot – Free Download

Heroes of the Storm has been out for a while now, and while searching for a full featured HotS Leveling Bot, we came across a little gem, which is hardly mentioned anywhere. Its not very well known, but it's free

Baiting Punishers Trick on Infernal Shrines – HotS

To use this Baiting Punishers Trick on Infernal Shrines, you need to understand one thing, the method we will use, is to bait them, moving them in a way to make it easier to take them down. Of course there is

Brightwing Tips & Tricks – HotS

With over 700 games on Brightwing, it's time we took a look and offered you some Brightwing Tips & Tricks. Brightwing has undergone some changes since being first introduced, but she's still a strong champion, for those who want to learn

Fast Gold Farming method – HotS

This Fast Gold Farming method is for Heroes of the Storm (HotS), and allows you to pick up the maximum amount of gold in as little time as possible. Heroes of the Storm is not just about winning the individual match,

HotS Leadership Role – Heroes of the Storm

Leadership Role

One of the trickiest roles in Heroes of the Storm is the HotS Leadership Role. A very useful thing to have in a team, a Leader is the person on the team who will make the ultimate decisions in-game. If

Heroes Ranking Overview – HotS

HotS - Murky

Greetings Terrans,   I was a League of Legends player that was top 30 NA somewhere before they allowed EU transfers, this was over 3 years ago. Then I got fed up with Riot Games bull and left.   Anyway,what

Chen Brew Build Guide – HotS

Chen Brew Build Guide - HotS

I came up with a Chen Brew Build Guide which after playing Chen Brew all the way to level 12, I can say that I have perfected a build that will wet your pallet for some brew, as well as

HotS Gold Farming Guide – Heroes of the Storm

HotS Gold Farming Guide - Heroes of the Storm

This is a HotS Gold Farming Guide for F2P players on gold acquisition in Heroes of the Storm. It sets out how much gold you can earn as well as a short list of your potential first 10 Heroes for

Target Priority Guide – HotS

HotS - Murky

When it comes to Team Fighting, it's important to know as a team who your Target Priority should be. Of course it can all change in a moment, by what is happening when and which heroes you are running. Teams and comps

Your HotS Role – Heroes of the Storm

Your HotS Role, is determined by which class you play. In Heroes of the Storm, you can play as a Ranged DPS, Melee DPS, Support, Specialist, or Warrior (Tank). As far as an actual engagement goes, team fights aren’t won

HotS Sonya Guide

I’ve created a detailed HotS Sonya Guide to help you get the most out of the hero, Sonya. For those new to Heroes of the Storm or veteran players looking to brush up on their Sonya skills or even looking for

Heroes of the Storm Specialist Guide – Download PDF

Heroes of the Storm Specialist are the most complex and varied role to play, so there is unfortunately no way to explain exactly what they are. They aren't tanks, they aren't healers, and they aren't even considered DPS. If you've

Heroes of the Storm Assassin Guide – Download PDF

Heroes of the Storm Basic Strategy Guide

In this Heroes of the Storm Assassin Guide, we go over the skills, recommended builds, various heroes, how to maximize damage, effective tactics and individual talents of each of the recommended heroes. Imagine pouncing on an unsuspecting hero who harassed

Heroes of the Storm Basic Strategy

Heroes of the Storm Basic Strategy Guide

Use this Heroes of the Storm Basic Strategy to increase your rank, by becoming more aware of things you need to not only watch out for, but of course address. I am not the best player, but I will tell you