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LOTRO: One Ring Parody Music Video of One Thing

Lord of the Rings fans rejoice! It's time for a special parody in which Warpzone brings One Direction's "One Thing", into a new era of coolness. This parody entitled "One Ring" is rewritten to give us a different look at

FYI Lotro -> Change your passwords

for all games really, there should be a change your passwords day like April 1 is check your smoke detectors day... The Lotro Forums have been down for maintenance two days with this message showing today: We have identified a

Lotro Lookout: Lotteries are back

Yep, one of my favorite money makers is back, but there are known issues: from: Sapience Harbinger of Soon!!!&p=5738015#post5738015 You may have an issue with your account, but given the very large number of European characters from the

Lotro: RoI Turbine Points costs

I was waiting for this info as I do not plan to ever again give WB/Turbine any cash for their product which for me has been deteriorating since the Moria release.... from: Official Discussion: Isengard LOTRO Store availability and

Lotro Lookout: The Virtuous Edition

New info on virtues was posted today by CSTM and then docholiday. Physical Mitigation is the new combination of the current ranged and melee defense ratings. Resistance Rating is the new combination of the old fear, poison, wound and disease

Quick FYI-> Lotro Movie

Movie Trailer for The Fellows Hip: Rise of the Gamers Movie Trailer Trailer Link: IMDB Info: The Fellows Hip: Rise of the Gamers: Official site: Podcast: LOTRO Reporter Episode 88 – The Fellows Hip Redux

Lotro: Pre-Purchase Rise of Isengard hmmm, I feel a rise ..... my gorge begins to rise:) A little more than I think I personally want to spend for just more grinding...

Lotro fan movies, Insomniacs rejoice

You remember The Hunt for Gollum? Welcome to the official site for The Hunt For Gollum; the award winning unofficial prequel to The Lord of the Rings there is a new short that is pretty funny it tries to

Lotro FYI-> Lotteries Suspended Until Further Notice Due to the complexities of merging the EU and NA service, we will be suspending the LOTRO Lotteries until we have completed the migration and deem the servers to be stable. As the migration means we will be adding

Lotro follow Healbot

This is a simple bot, which will run around and heal for you. It cannot be run with dualboxing, however it would work great with a second computer. consider this the perfect little exp leeching healbot.

Lotro: Update 3 going live May 23, 2011

Lotro: Update 3 going live May 23, 2011 The new instances caught my eye, in particular the Inn of the Forsaken, and considering my moniker 🙂 the use of Riddles .... The new instances. skirmishes from: These information are

Lotro Wound Wing Map

A quick fyi for the raiding kinnies.... Since much of the time in doing OD is explaining things to the first timers and since few kins can have the same 12 on every time they want to do OD, seems

LOTRO: OD is using HiPS an exploit?

Two opinions (neither of them mine) from the main forums: Re: Ost Dunhoth Strategy and Videos (Spoilers) HiPS, an exploit? Ok, now that we don't have to plague the other thread with this whole discussion. I hope that it's ok

LOTRO: Gold Farming Spot

Easy gold, can be attained in the Barrows near Bree, with this gold farming spot. Perfect for those who can farm level 20 Signatures, solo. Gather 750s in less then 1 hour, plus some other loot which can be sold

Lotro Lookout: Echoes of The Dead Instances / Shards

Couldn't think of a catchy title for this lookout edition (was thinking something along the lines of the Chardonnay Edition:)? to play on shards but...) My friends and I haven't done the new instances yet, to be honest it might

FYI-> Echoes of the Dead coming on 21st March

Real short and sweet Echoes of the Dead coming on 21st March A few things kinmates have been doing to get ready raising the levels of weapons to 31 earning and converting medallions of Moria for tier 5 relics

Lotro Assisted Leveling: A Poor Mans Dual Boxing Guide

Lotro Assisted Leveling A Poor Mans Dual Boxing Guide This can be modified to use in any game that you can play in a windowed mode With over 30 characters on more than 5 servers having vip, premium, and f2p

Lotro Lookout; The “In” edition

Information about the five new instances is available: The High Points: Two three-person instances Two six-person instances One 12-person raid All but one instance features three boss encounters and the raid features six. An array of Deeds, challenges, and

Lotro Lookout: The Legendary Edition

Bullroarer (test server) patch notes are out: The Echo of the Dead Patch Notes: The following release notes apply only to the Bullroarer Test Server. All changes and updates listed are subject to change before being released to the

Lotro Lookout: The SUPER edition

Looks like this will be a SUPER weekend at Lotro, most of the extras seem to be as a payback/compensation for the Sunday January 30, 2011 downtime and the rollback that the fix entailed... Found some info, laughs, and an

Lotro Reputation chart

To help a friend earn the World Renown deed, he asked me about a chart showing the barter items so I made this cobbled together from wikis and the lorebook: Maybe it could someone else...... To further help my