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It's now easier to purchase a subscription and become VIP at MMOExploiters. We have been around since 2001. In 2001, there were 3 cheat sites, including this site. Since then cheat sites have popped up, and gone under. Some of

Rift REX Farming – Alternate Regional Shard

Today, I want to discuss a Rift REX Farming method I have been using for a while now. It's slow, but takes less than 3 minutes to complete and you can net anywhere from 10 plat to 300 platinum a

Rift Platinum Farming using Crafting Materials

I decided it's time to share this Rift Platinum Farming using Crafting Materials method. I should mention that this is for the game Rift. Rift is Free-2-play MMO, which I have been playing since I left WoW.  Because I have been

Forged in Flame Tips and Tricks – Rift

These Forged in Flame Tips and Tricks are meant for the free2play game Rift. I am currently level 70 on my main character and on my other 6, 65. In other words, I have been playing long enough to level 7

How to Fix Rift 64bit Client Crash

This is a quick tutorial on How to Fix Rift 64bit Client Crash after upgrading to Starfall Prophecy. Some of you may have this issue, and others will not. It seems to be tied to specific servers, but I am not

Twisted Carousel Ram Mount – Free 155% mount

Today is the final day to obtain the Twisted Carousel Ram Mount for Rift characters. It's a 155% mount which can be acquired for 5 Doubloons (event currency). I am not sure if it's a glitch, cheat, or intended, but you

REX Farming in Rift

REX Farming in Rift in actually fairly easy - if you know the proper techniques. For example, just doing 60 minutes of daily quests on one level 65, I could have enough to buy 1 REX in 2 weeks. Since

Faster Rift Leveling tweak

I just realized last night, I could achieve a Faster Rift Leveling experience, above my Rift Leveling Guide - tweaking it, to make it even faster. I told you all before, I have been playing Rift since the beginning. It was

Rift Leveling Guide 1-65

I have been playing Rift now for almost 4 years, and any previous Rift Leveling Guide is pretty much wrong. It's nearly the end of 2015, a few years past the 2011 release date and the game has changed so much that

Play Rift? Learn the Easy Patron Trick

If you Play Rift, then there is a little Patron trick I was hoping to teach some of you. You see, I still play it, along with ESO and Armored Warfare. But alas, this trick is about whether or not

Understanding PVP ELO ranking system – Rift

Understanding PVP ELO ranking system

For those who have played Dota 2, you are already familiar with understanding PVP ELO ranking system. While the rating distributions are not equivalent, the same principles apply here. This guide to understanding PVP ELO ranking system, should help you

Free Rift Mount Tutorial

Your First Rift Mount, doesn't need to cost you any plat, which is hard in the beginning to collect anyways. Playing without a mount slows down the game, but having one, albeit a slow one, still speeds the game up immensely.

Goto Gorboro Reef Any Level Trick

Goto Gorboro Reef Any Level

In order to Goto Gorboro Reef Any Level, you of course need to level to get out of the starter areas. It's also a good idea to do the first few quests so that you can get Soul Recall and the

Rift Snowball Fight Trick

Rift Snowball Fight Trick

There are actually a couple of Rift Snowball Fight Trick's that I have found. I use one to complete the daily quest, A Frosty Free-For-All quicker (since I play late at night). The other one I use to instantly select a...

Rift Butchering 240-285 in 15 minutes

Rift Butchering 240-285

Rift Butchering 240-285 in 15 minutes is easily done, if you have a high level character. If you don't, then this is going to take you a bit longer. At my level, I can smoke these level 50 mobs down as

Buying Cheaper Rift Loyalty

Buying Cheaper Rift Loyalty

There comes a time when Buying Cheaper Rift Loyalty becomes a must. If you aren't a patron, and plan to play Rift for the forseeable future, then you need to unlock the AH. The AH is a must for anyone who

Rift Loyalty Trick – Double Loyalty Daily

How to change Rift servers

I bet you don't know the Rift Loyalty Trick! The Rift Loyalty Trick will give you extra Loyalty, if you are a Patron. If you aren't a patron, then this trick isn't going to work for you. But if you

Maximizing Rift Player Experience

Maximizing Rift Player Experience

Maximizing Rift Player Experience means teaching you not just the fastest way to level, but more importantly how to play your character, the way you want to. I post to quite a few different boards and one of the things

Unstable Artifact Thieves Maps

unstable artifact thieves

These Unstable Artifact Thieves Maps, will help you to locate the Squirrel Unstable Artifact Thieves which pop-up during Unstable Zone Events. You won't need the use of Potions of Artifact finding with these guys, but you will need to be on

Free Rift Patron Pass

Free Rift Patron Pass

Trion in conjunction with MMORPG is giving away a 3 day Free Rift Patron Pass. To get this pass, all you need to do is login to, follow the link below, and click the link to get it free.

Buy Rift REX cheaper

You might be wondering how you can Buy Rift REX cheaper then what you would buy from Trion directly, but it's an amazing trick, which is relatively cheap. Essentially, there are 2 ways to get a Rift subscription. You can either

Glass Beads – Prize Tickets Farming – Carnival of the Ascended – Rift

If you're like me, you may have decided that you want to farm Glass Beads or Prize Tickets, but do not know which way is the fastest way to gather these items, you're in luck. Today, I am sharing with