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Rift: Over Powered Cleric Healing Build

On my Cleric Healing build, I have an instant cast Damage over Time (DoT), which I like to tap each of the mobs we are fighting with. This allows me not only to heal, but to contribute in ways of

Rift Builds: Delayed

I was hoping to post my OP Cleric DPS build today, as well as more builds over the next few days, but it seems that Zam's site is bugging out. I haven't been able to properly make the builds as

Rift: Overpowered Warrior Tank Build Void Knight-Paladin

Many things have changed with the recent patch. Mostly the builds and trees affect us however, as these affect the way we play. Before you wonder or ask, let me assure you that this build is overpowered in the amount

Rift: Rogue Build – Solo PvE Leveling

Some of the recent changes, really pissed me off. It meant that my tried and true builds, didn't quite work anymore, and had to be rebuilt. It also meant I got to have a little fun on trying some new

Rift: Rogue Tank Build 44 Riftstalker, 22 Bladedancer, 0 Saboteur

Well, things have changed, to say the least. We now have 61 points and some new talents to play with. But really I am a bit miffed to have to re-engineer my Tank build. Instead of going with the build

Rift: Spitt’s PvE Rogue Tank AoE Build

Let me first say, I have been playing around with the Rouge tank for a while now, though not a long time. Every rogue tank I had seen before, could do T1 but not T2 very well. Some of the

Rift: Bard – Planestalker Build – DPS + Healing

Warning, you might see this build as being a Tanking build. It is not. In fact any ability which generates a bit of threat is either not used, or not selected. This build is meant to make a more hardy

Rift: Pyro-Lock 36/30 AoE Solo Build, high DPS

The following is a guide for high single target mage dps (although it contains Fire Storm which is great AOE). Like any guide, this is a good place to start, but you may need to change things based on your play

Rift: Stormcaller PvP Build for 1.6

written by Cane Lightning Burst critting max valoured targets for well over 5k (and no valour noobs for over 10k), instant cast Icicle for 3.5k+ combined with stormcallers epic AoE make this the hardest hitting spec available to mages in

Rift: Necro/Lock with Lich Form Build for PvE

This is a PvE Necromancer/Warlock build meant specifically for PvE. It works very well for Herald (Single Target), Zilas, Grugonum, Oracle, Inwar, Garau, Murdantix, and Vlad. You could use this on other bosses as well. This guide includes the Build, Spell

Rift: Necro/Warlock/Dominator Leveling and PvE Build

This guide was written by Wuulfgar, in response to my Necro/Warlock/Chloromancer build.  First off, I want to thank Wuulfgar for this build and write up, I have been content with my build, but he chose to make a new build and

Rift: OP Mage End-Game PvE Guide and Spec

written by bluedot In this guide I will cover stat priorities, itemization, damage parsers, macros, consumables and the best specs and their rotation. This guide is meant for people who want to progress as a mage in end-game PvE. I

Rift: OP Chloromancer Warlock Mage PvP Build

The point of this Chloromancer / Warlock build is to do mediocre burst damage, with high sustained damage over time, high healing, as well as survivability. While it is well known that Necromancer / Warlock is the best PVE build