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Rocket League Idle Bot – AutoHotKey Script

This Rocket League Idle Bot is a poor replacement for the Rocket League Crate Farmer bot, but since it's now a defunct project, we thought it was time to offer you another bot. This Rocket League Idle Bot will log into

Rocket League Rank Improvement Guide

You will need this Rocket League Rank Improvement Guide, if you ever want to get out of the lower ranks. Sure, you can use the crate farmer bot, to farm massive amounts of loot, but to get out of the

Rocket League Level Adjuster

The Rocket League Level Adjuster is a tool which will allow you to instantly change your level within the game, by changing your save data. It needs to be done while you are offline, but when done correctly, will allow you

Rocket League Crate Farmer Bot

The Rocket League Crate Farmer Bot does one thing, and only one thing. It plays the game for you, so that you can farm crates in the game, while AFK. If you love getting all the extra goodies from Rocket League,