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DO NOT BUY FROM AND! They are known scammers who will attempt to get you to send them money via Western Union. Once you place your order, they will give you a time table, and then blame a

Did you use Rift Junkies’ Combat Parser?

If you used Rift Junkies Combat Parser... REMOVE THE PARSER - Change your RIFT PASSWORD IMMEDIATELY AND Scan your computer with Avast AntiVirus!!! As it happens, their combat parser installation program was full of trojans and key loggers. Many MANY

Rift: Don’t Buy This Bot – Scam Warning!

If you have been wanting to go out and do some leveling, but you don't want to do it yourself, there are only 2 options, right? You either pay someone to level for you... or you get a bot. Unfortunately,

eGamingSupply AKA Justice McCay Scams AGAIN & Again & again

AKA AKA AKA AKA Monarch AKA King Justice AKA AKA AKA AKA AKA AKA AKA AKA It seems there is now a list of people who are coming forward to tell you that

egamingsupply – needs a new powerleveling company… we quit!

Over the past 9 months, we were providing wholesale leveling services for egamingsupply. Negotiations began in early December of 2009. Justice McCay disappeared and resurfaced at the end of January. Negotiations started again... in around March, he spent 2 hours

Off-Topic: Don’t buy from – Scammer Alert

AKA AKA AKA AKA Monarch AKA Justice McCay AKA King Justice AKA AKA AKA AKA AKA AKA AKA AKA While I cannot say anything towards the actual traders on the forums, I will

RMT trader scam

There is a recent scam going around that is making sites that don't trade the gold themselves, more vulnerable to scammers. On a wholesale side of things, most gold (RMT) sites, will place a order for gold, a person