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Albion Online Cheat Detection methods

I do not know how old this information is, but since I started playing Albion Online, I figured I should share some of the Albion Online Cheat Detection methods which I came across. There are 2, which I have come across, and

Starcraft 2: Money Maker – Turns any map into a money map

This is an injector & game hack which will make all the minerals and gas to go to 100,000. Also included, is the source code to the Starcraft II hack and injector.

EVE: AutoIt script with Pixel detection

This is a simple AutoIt script which uses pixel detection to mine automatically.  The source code is provided so that you can edit it as you see fit.  This has been tested on the following resolutions 1600x1200, 1600x1024, 1280x1024, &

EVE: Roid Ripper updated to 2.x

Just giving our EVE members a heads up, RoidRipper has been updated to 2.x.  Thanks goes to pea for sending us a copy of the bot.  pea has received 6 months VIP membership for his submission.  Updated information is available

EVE Online: Client Source Code

A couple years ago, the source code for EVE Online's client was released.  It turns out, that it was written with Python.  What makes this so unique is that Python, when cracked or reverse engineered, comes out as the original

EVE Online: RoidRipper 2.x plus Source Code

What is Roid Ripper?  It's a free to use mining bot. RoidRipper 2 is a major overhaul of previous versions. With fully implemented features and a revamp of OCR and error handling, RoidRipper 2 will prove to be the most