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SWTOR Jump and Fly Hack – Free Download

To use this SWTOR Jump and Fly Hack, you will not need any special installers, you will simply need to backup a file and replace it with this one, in the official game directory. This game hack will allow you to

SWTOR Nude Hack – NSFW

I can't believe we forgot to put up a SWTOR Nude Hack for Star Wars: The Old Republic (thanks to our fans for pointing that out). I know a guy who runs a powerleveling company, while he works for another company

Crystal Salvaging Flow Chart – StarWars Uprising

It's not often we put up anything to do with StarWars, but we believe this Crystal Salvaging Flow Chart will help immensely as a time saver, for all of you who do play StarWars Uprising.

Best Crews for Each SWTOR Class

Crew Skills

What are the Best Crews for Each SWTOR Class? Each SWTOR class has several companions, and each of those companions have different bonuses to crew skills. Some will complement your character, while others will not be of any help at

SWTOR: PVP Gear Trick

It seems that there might be a cheat which not only bolsters your stats in PvP, but also makes it appear to your enemies that you are using sub-standard gear, thus an easy target... the joke will be on them

SWTOR: Updated Spacebot and Crewskills Bot – Multi-Character Support

A SWTOR Space Bot and Crew Bot for leveling your character to 50, or for leveling your crewskills on each of your companions. This supports multiple characters. You will need to pay for the right to play space-missions otherwise this

SWTOR: Credits Farming Guide

Just like any other MMO gamer, it will be a very nice thing to have ample amounts of SWTOR credits to allow you to purchase anything you want in SWTOR. Having lots of SWTOR Credits in your pocket will not

Star Wars the Old Republic vs DC Universe Online

The question is, can a Jedi Lightsaber cut through Superman? The question is, can a Jedi Lightsaber cut through Superman? To answer this, we need to look at some raw data for both lightsabers and Superman himself. Short Answer: No

Star Wars: No Death Star Announces US Government

In a surprising turn of events, President Obama's administration has announced that there will not be a Death Star project to be started by 2016. While many voters did petition the US for one to start, the cost estimates at

StarWars: Millennium Falcon Owner’s Workshop Manual

The Millennium Falcon Owner's Workshop Manual is a reference book from Del Rey, written by Ryder Windham and illustrated by Chris Trevas and Chris Reiff. There is really no way to describe it other than The Essential Guide to the Millennium Falcon. At

SWTOR: Weekend Pass, play for free this weekend!

Did you miss out on last weekend’s free trial of Star Wars: The Old Republic? Well never fear, Bioware is offering another Weekend Pass starting Thursday, March 22nd at 12:01 am CST through Monday the 28th of March at 2:00

SWTOR: Star Wars The Old Republic Coming to Asia-Pacific March 1

On March 1st, says BioWare, players in the Asia-Pacific region will have their own servers and SWTOR will launch for Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore-based players. Pricing for boxed and digital versions is also announced and players currently

SWTOR: Buy Low, Sell High – Sell Credits Now, Buy cheap L8r

For those of you who have been farming chests, or maybe used the recent credits dupe, and managed to not get banned, then I have some advice for you. Sell your credits. You can find people willing to buy the

SWTOR: Dupe Consequences

On January 13th, 2012 a site posted a working dupe for SWTOR. So what do we actually know? Well, we actually learned quite a bit. For one, we learned that Bioware wasn't actually aware of who duped, and who didn't. What they

SWTOR: Voidstar Invincibility

A guide on how to temporarily become invincible in the Voidstar PVP Warzone. Use this as a healer, to keep your team alive, or as a caster and use Spells/AOEs

SWTOR: What does this screenshot make you think about?

For me, this reminds me of a song, from Nine Inch Nails. What does it make you think about? Nine Inch Nails - Head Like A Hole .mp3

SWTOR: Refer-A-Friend now working, but…

If you aren't familiar with what Refer-A-Friend normally does in games, let me give you an idea. RAF will under normal circumstances give you free game time, some in-game items, possibly a mount, some xp bonus when you level with

Good News for SWTOR Beta Testers!

While the Beta Testing has completed, and there will be no more testing after tonight, it's been said that this will be the release client.!/Rockjaw/status/141535439839436801 wrote: FAQ: if you played this weekend you do NOT need to uninstall the

SWTOR: Use your Early Access code ASAP

So if you happened to pre order Star Wars The Old Republic then you are in luck for the extra early access that is now set to start December 15. Bioware has stated that the access will be staggered. This imho is

SWTOR: Pre-Order now available

It's come to my attention that SWTOR is now available for pre-order. By pre-ordering you will get early access to the game, however this does not guarantee a beta slot. What a early access key is, is a 3-7 day