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SWTOR – Patch Files to latest no login details

This is meant for educational purposes only, but will allow you to download all the latest patches for SWTOR beta, without having a proper account. What can you do with these files? You can see what is what, and possibly

SWTOR: Closed Beta Starting

We have been notified that the initial invites to beta this game have gone out. Expect to need a kick-ass computer in order to get the invite. If you got a beta invite to SW:TOR, be sure to let us

StarWars: The Old Republic – E3 2011 Game Trailer Video

While I would like to say I love this video, and am going to rush out and buy it, the game looked a lot like other games, just reskinned. Mounts are skinned to look like vehicles. Casting is like casting

SWTOR: Class Overview

The allegiance and classes featured in StarWars The Old Republic are based on the big screen hit, Star Wars. As such, the two main allegiance are the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic. The Republic are protected by the Jedi

SW: TOR – Possible Delay till next year

According to EA, there is a chance that Bioware's Star Wars The Old Republic could be released as late as January 2012 (upto March of 2012). While still slated for release at the end of this year, there is still

Star Wars: The Old Republic – Guide to Companions

One cool feature of Star Wars the Old Republic is the companion system. Companions will be NPCs that will join you during your various adventures, and they will have their own storyline and motivations for doing so. Some may join

SWTOR: Overview of the Jedi Knight

I think it is safe to assume that upon launch we will have a heap load of Jedi Knight wanna be's crowding the newbie areas of the galaxy. We look into the Jedi Knight class and explore why you'd want

Interesting -> Why warhammer failed, look ahead at SW:TOR

Interesting read check the comments for a little more info/dirt

Star Wars The Old Republic: Torocast Podcast from 10 Aug 2010

The latest podcast from Torocast is up and it has some interesting information to share with you all from the Star Wars The Old Republic news front. Of course we have all been waiting anxiously for the newest release from

Star Wars The Old Republic: Podcast and Webcast information

If you are like me you like to stay on top of news that is being released about SWTOR, but you don't have time to play the forum game like all the kiddos.  One way that I have found that

StarWars The Old Republic: News! Space Combat confirmed

Great news has come down the pipes!  News we have been waiting for for a long time has finally arrived that Space is Confirmed to be in development for Star Wars The Old Republic.  Once again Sean Dahlberg gets to

SWTOR: Friday developer Dispatch

On the 16th of July, they came out with their latest in the developer dispatch series.  I know its a few days old, but it's too good to miss!   This week's dispatch focuses on the music and sounds of

StarWars The Old Republic: Beta testing phase begins!

Can you hear it? It's the whisperings of, turning to rumblings of, an imminent beta approaching! If you follow the official forums for SWTOR then surely by now you have started to feel the approach of a closed style beta

SWTOR: Player Ships announced at E3 – Video of Interiors

Here's a video of the StarWars The Old Republic's Corellian-Vanguard Class Light Corvette and Fury Class Imperial Transport. It briefly shows the outside & inside of these 2 ships.

Star Wars the Old Republic: Classes, Video, & News

Multiplayer Combat Video Released If I didn’t see it with my own eyes I probably would write it all off as a joke, however after watching the video it totally dawned on me that SWtOR was in fact a multiplayer

Anyone hear more about SW:ToR?

this look at swtor caught my eye... official faq's no release date anywhere other than many post about the 2010 launch was pushed to 2011 and so far no beta