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StarWars: Millennium Falcon Owner’s Workshop Manual

The Millennium Falcon Owner's Workshop Manual is a reference book from Del Rey, written by Ryder Windham and illustrated by Chris Trevas and Chris Reiff. There is really no way to describe it other than The Essential Guide to the Millennium Falcon. At

StarWars Galaxy Ending December 15th, 2011

With the future release of StarWars: The Old Republic, Lucas Arts, has pulled their license from SOE. As such SWG, will end on December 15th. There will be no free-to-play version of the game, it will simply end. What does

StarWars Galaxy: Vendor Scam

This is a nifty scam, which can gain you millions from an unsuspecting player. It's a scam, because we use bait and switch on the sucker, in hopefully a way which will never be noticed.

StarWars Galaxy: Entertainer/Trader 1-90 Leveling Hack

This is a leveling hack, which will allow you to level 1-90 in less then 2 hours on your Entertainer or Trader. For obvious reasons, this should be done in private, not in a public place, where people can watch

StarWars Galaxy: Level 5-90 Entertainer in 2 hours, no Crash

This is similar to other 2 hour entertainer macros, but won't make you crash like a lot of the other macros out there these days.

StarWars Galaxy: Home Decor exploit

There is a current bug with story teller deco items where if you drop them in your house and pick them up and then redrop them the timer is removed. Seems the galactic moon festival bugged them. They used to

StarWars Galaxy: SWG Pets and their Use

written by Mark of mogs This time around I’m going to talk about the pets I use in SWG and what I use them for. First off let me just say the SWG has made it easier for you to

SWG: Bounty Hunter, Collect Bounty on AFK Macroers Hiding on the Roof

Ever get the annoying player that is officer or medic afk buffing on the roof of a guild hall, or house, and you have his/her bounty Mission? You want to kill them but just can't get away from the Can't

StarWars Galaxy: Use Snipe/Ambush while cloaked

Get lsj's to use saber block/reflect prematurely. You must be uncloaked. When you hit sneak, instantly press snipe or ambush. As long as u fire ambush/snipe within a second of hittin sneak it wont decloak you. ... So if your

StarWars Galaxy: Crafting Buff cheat

You can get the crafting stations to stick on your buff bar by putting them in a backpack in your house and then moving them to another backpack in your house. Then you walk straight outside, but you have to

SWG: Level 90 Entertainer or Trader in 4 hours

Using this game hack, and following these simple steps, you can become a level 90 Entertainer or Trader within 4 hours. First, download the attached files, and place them in your SWG root folder. This does not work for any

StarWars Galaxy: Officer Stim Bot

SWG Officer Stim Bot Officer Stim Bot Features Bot will move out of and into a drop house. Will alternate calls bewteen tacs and heals, can call double heals. Will move stims from drop crate to storage house. Has built in

StarWars Galaxy: Trader Specialization Build

What is the Expertise System? The overall goal of the system is to offer new and exciting choices for players to make about the development of their characters. These choices offer players the chance to further customize their character creating

SWG: Modification – Chrome Mandalorian Armor

Chrome Mandalorian Armor 1.0 Modification for SWG by Areyleri and Spaceguy5 This mod changes the plates on Mandalorian Armor chrome. It also adds an improved Mandalorian Helmet visor, darkens the cloth, and fixes issues on the helmet, chest plate, and boots

StarWars Galaxy: Stack Officer Buffs

Submitted by Thor for access - Is this access worthy? Please reply in the comments with your thoughts. You know, that you COULD stack officer buffs, just not on your character? Of course not, only few people do. Read this

StarWars Galaxy: Fast Rebel GCW Invasion Tokens

Here's a way to get the GCW Invasion tokens fast.  You can quickly get 800 of them, however this is best done in a group, as any other way you might find yourself on the receiving end of a new

Star Wars Galaxy: Medic Expertise builds

What is the Expertise System? The overall goal of the system is to offer new and exciting choices for players to make about the development of their characters. These choices offer players the chance to further customize their character creating

StarWars Galaxy: Macro/Mod – Destroy non-stackable items

Here's a Modification and Macro combination, which will destroy junk automatically.  Perfect for junk farming or botting.  It will auto-destroy all non-stackable items.  It will not examine, use, nor equip items.  This will not bug out, like most other junk

StarWars Galaxy: Guide – Medic’s Vital Strike

Written by: Kay-Droma The Medic uses their extensive medical knowledge to strike their opponent in a vital spot with a level XX attack... Many people have commented on the medic boards that using a lower mark vital strike is effective

StarWars Galaxy: How to get 40k health

Written by Kay-Droma This 'short' and sweet guide will point you in the right direction, if you like your red and green bars to have very high values! Anyone can do this, it does, in places, require specialist/rare stuff that

StarWars Galaxy: G9 Waypoint exploit

Have a G9 and wish you could bring your group with you to one of your 3 saved warp points in the galaxy: First, call your G9 ITV. Click it to bring up your travel screen, now, before you click