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Tera Cosplay

TERA Gold Guide Full Download PDF

With this Tera Gold Guide, you will no longer wonder why your stash of Tera gold is dwindling after just a couple of hours of gameplay! Are you constantly tired of useless farming strategies which give you only measly amounts of Tera gold, learn which strategies work best with the Tera Gold Guide? Are you curious why other players are rich and you’re Read More

Tera Leveling Guide

Tera Leveling Guide PDF Download

Tera Online, originally came out back in May 2012 in the US, and since then there have been no Tera Leveling Guide which has been updated. In fact, most of the guide writers did what we call a hit and run. They hit the scene, made their guide, and ran with the money – sometimes without finishing their guides. Lucky Read More

TERA Online Vistas Guide: Southern Arun

Some might not know how to get to the Southern Arun Vistas. For those who don’t, then this TERA Online Vistas guide is for you. When you complete these vistas by following the TERA Online Vistas Guide: Southern Arun, it will give you +0.1% damage increase. While this might not mean much to you at lower levels, the benefit is mainly seen as an edge Read More

Tera: Southern Arun Vistas, Southern, & Northern Shara Vistas

A guide with all the climbing points you need to find and climb for the following Vista Achievements; Southern Arun Vistas, Southern Shara Vistas, and Northern Shara Vistas in Tera Online. WARNING: IMAGE Intensive. Each image is clickable so you can see them larger. However each page will range in size from 4-6 megabytes. Page 1: Southern Arun VistasPage 2: Southern Shara Read More

Tera Online: How to make 2700-3300 gold a day at level 60

Let’s set aside for a moment, that you want to support the RMT industry, by purchasing their gold.The methods listed here, will teach you how to make gold in Tera, as a level 60 in-game, without the use of bots, game hacks, or cheats. You should be able to make anywhere from 2700-3300 gold a day, per character. 

TERA Online: Guide to Campfires

written by Grooguz You wouldn’t think that a campfire could be an integral part of a game, but in Tera Online, it is. They are mostly used in the out-of-combat experience of the game. There are campfires all around the world of Arborea. Usually campfires are near questing hubs, and they never seem to burn out (though in reality, we know Read More

TERA Online: New Mount and Watermelon Pet Guide

witten by Revered Originally written and completed on the Korean server KTera, this guide has been translated to English and tested for you to verify it works. This guide will teach you how to get the new green raptor mount, as well as the watermelon pet, and the new achievement. If you want to figure out how to to this Read More

Tera Online: Level AFK with simple tool 23-35

There is a remote spot out in Poporia which will allow you to kill and loot a couple mobs repeatedly, without getting hurt. The mobs themselves are level 26, so you will be limited in the level range you can use this spot, unless you just want to use it to farm coin while AFK. You can use this program Read More

Tera Online: 20k in 5 minutes at level 55

Full Downloads: Argon’s Leveling Guide • Eleos Leveling Guide • Velik’s Tera Leveling Guide This isn’t a cheat, just something you can get, if you missed this quest chain because you were botting, or wanted to level faster. At level 55, you can complete the quest line in under 5 minutes, netting you an easy 20k for each character that Read More

Tera Online Going Free-2-Play, read about the changes!

If you haven’t played Tera Online in a while, then you might be surprised to hear that Tera is going Free-2-Play as of Feb 5th, 2013 (today). But everything is not going to be a bed of roses. Instead, watch out for the thorns. Tera is actually going what’s called Pay to Win. What this means, is that if you Read More

Tera: Hits #1 Download Spot on Amazon

Whenever a game launches, there’s always a question of whether it will sink or swim. MMOs don’t necessarily live or die on the basis of their launches, but it takes a lot more effort to recover from a bad launch. Tera Online seems to have gotten off on the right foot, as it hit the #1 download spot for Amazon Read More

Tera Online: Release Party Started! Share your cheats & tips

Hey all, looks like the Pre-Release went almost flawlessly… as far as pre-releases go anyways. Minor bugs usually occur and this one was no different. However we want to hear from you. Did you pre-order Tera Online ? Did you get in the early access? Have you found any cheats or tips? Share em here and get free VIP access!

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Tera Online: Open Beta Key

I received this notification in my email today. Here’s your chance to get the Tera Online open beta key and apply it to your account, for a limited 1 week experience Welcome to the TERA Open Beta test. Starting on 19th April, this is a limited time invitation to step into the world of TERA before its official release on Read More

Tera online: Open Beta Test – All welcome to attend!

I just received an email alerting me of the new Open Beta Test for Tera Online! The most interesting aspect of it however was the mention that there will be no character wipe after the beta adventure. I am not sure, but I assume this means you can create your character now, and then when the game is released continue Read More

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Tera Online: Censorship for North American/European Players!

What the hell? If you are new to understanding culture, then you might be surprised to hear that the USA is one of the most prude countries in the world. It’s also one of the most religious. What this boils down to, is that games needed to be rated and censored to be sold in most stores. In this case, Read More

Tera Online: Guaranteed Beta Access with pre-order announced

The items for Tera Online’s base game and digital collectors items have been announced, as well as the pricing for the game. The Tera Online base price will be $50, and will gain you the following items; Beta Access Early Access Name Reservation White Stallion Mount Seren’s Sand Ring (increases defense and max HP) City Wheel Earing (increases attack and Read More

Tera Online: Release Date Announced

We recently announced that Tera Online was looking for beta testers. Now it seems they have also decided when exactly there will be no more bugs in the code, or not enough that you will notice. This date has been set as May 1st, 2012. Now, I don’t know about you, but normally there’s the alpha stage, which is aka Read More

Tera Online: Looking for Beta Testers

These days, there are so many Free-To-Play games which were once pay to play (LOTRO, STO, EQ2, etc), that it’s not as big a deal to get into beta. However beta still gives the opportunity to play a game before it comes out to see if you like it. It also allows you to help guide the game where it’s Read More

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Tera Online: Shortcuts and Controls

One of the most important things in MMORPG games which is directly linked to your success in game, are controls. Knowing the right keybinds and actually using them is half the battle so see below to find out the default controls for movement, various actions and interface elements.