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It's now easier to purchase a subscription and become VIP at MMOExploiters. We have been around since 2001. In 2001, there were 3 cheat sites, including this site. Since then cheat sites have popped up, and gone under. Some of

Laptop Gaming Guide: How to Make Games Run Faster

Replacing an old graphics card with a new one is often the best way to improve gaming graphics. Proud desktop PC owners can easily swap out old hardware for newer, better components. But laptop users may find it impossible to

Get Free Stuff at Listia, for FREE – little investment

I know I know, this isn't an RPG or MMO, it's not even a game. However I came up with a concept to generate as many as 500 credits at a time, with about a $6 investment. The thing about

Groupon Cheat – Unlimited $10 Discounts

I actually discovered this one on accident. You see I purchased an India Dinner Groupon, and then saw that I could link to them and provide an addictive ad (I check whats new every day) on this site. Anyways, this

World of Tanks Artillery Leveling Tip

While it's good practice, to level an artillery from level 1, its actually slower, then transferring in, with another tank. Leveling up, with a light/medium tank is often quicker then with artillery, since you are in closer range and can

Starcraft 2: Three Essential Tips, to get to Diamond League

StarCraft 2 is an extremely competitive game, a game where it will not only take up a lot of your time and effort but also a lot of learning to really truly master. For a new player to StarCraft 2

Rift: Inmate’s Guise Anytime

In Shimmering Sands, there is a quest which you will receive an item called Inmate's Guise. This quest item can be gained by both Guardians and Defiants. As long as you do not complete the final quest Foiled Plans, you can

World of Warcraft: Bubble Hearth trick

This trick can actually allow a Paladin, Hunter, or other class to Bubble Hearth - while in combat. You will need the skill Archaeology as well as the ability or an item which will allow you to not be hit

World of Warcraft: Gold Making tips with Tailoring

Most people who think you can't make gold with Tailoring, don't know how to make gold. Here are some tips on making gold in WoW with Tailoring. These come courtesy of the 20k Cataclysmic Gold Guide. If you are looking

World of Tanks: Kill steal from the enemy

For whatever reason, you have decided that you do not want the enemy to get credit for killing you. This trick will enable you to remove his chance to get the killshot on you.

Rift: Assisted Powerleveling – Level to 50 in a few days

This is a concept, which hasn't been completely tested, but I do not see a reason why it shouldn't work. It uses a little trick I found with my rogue a while back, which I didn't really find a use

Rift: Soul Tree trick

This is a little trick which will allow you to change your 3rd tree, as many times as you want without resetting them at a trainer.

Rift: Runic Decent – Rictus Trick

This is a trick which will help you to win the battle against Rictus, easier. As you may already know, the mob boss, will pull you in, and then you'll need to run like heck, to get out of range

StarTrek Online: Easy Leveling Experience (Skill Points)

This might be well known, but for those that don't know there is an easy way to get some Experience. I've only done this from the FED side, but I can't see why it would be any different for the Klingon

Rift: In Game Macro Guide

Macro Commands An important component of macros is the ability to issue game commands via text input. A macro generally saves one or more of these commands for future and repeated use. Some the game commands available are below. Below

Rift: Get Max Buffs for Powerleveling your Character

This is a trick, which will allow you to get max buffs, for leveling your character any time you need them. It will cause others to cast them on you, so that you can then use them to take on

Rift Gathering Trick

This is a little trick, that I learned will make leveling your gathering skills, a bit easier. It's meant for all the gathering skills, except butchering. I am sure you can relate to this situation, trying to get a tin

World of Warcraft: How to Craft a Chopper, for 35% Off

What if I told you that you could build choppers for 35% less? That's right, that's 3.75k off the 12.5k vendor price. You're probably asking.. How is this possible?

Rift Tip

I know you, like me have probably been playing Rift throughout the beta, however I have seen one thing which most people do not seem to realize. When doing the Public Quests, and tearing down rifts, no one seems to

Rift: Possible PvP hiding spot, in enemy towns

I am not really sure if this would work well or not, but it's a little hiding spot I found, which can be used to hide or even go afk, from the enemy on PvP Servers.

Rift: PvP Trick on Raid Members, for PvE Servers

This is a really nasty trick, which I was told about in the Chat Channels. I don't have all the information on it, but thought it was rather interesting. On a PvE server

Rift: Rare Item Vendor

In the Ardent Glade, there is a vendor who sells 12 and 14 slot bags. What makes this a great find? When the game is first released, bags of this type will be selling for more money then some people