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It's now easier to purchase a subscription and become VIP at MMOExploiters. We have been around since 2001. In 2001, there were 3 cheat sites, including this site. Since then cheat sites have popped up, and gone under. Some of

Fortnite Double Shotgun Blast – Game Cheat

This Fortnite Double Shotgun Blast will allow you to squeeze off 2 shots, instead of one at a time. You will of course go through more ammo, and you can always opt for just one shot. If you need to take

Today’s Amazon Prime Deals for Gamers

Today's Amazon Prime Day Deals for Gamers is here Go ahead and get a 30 day free trial (click here) - you can cancel it afterwards. Then get any of the following games or hardware at a discount - with

Quick WoW Gold Method

This Quick WoW Gold Method, comes via the newest patch to WoW. It can easily net you some tens of thousands of gold, but as more and more people learn of it, the less this Quick WoW Gold Method will be

Game Booster Software

Over the years, I have used numerous softwares to keep my computers running at peak performance for gaming, including the use of Game Booster Software. What is Game Booster Software? It's software which will temporarily close un-needed services, programs, and

Enslave Elite Demons Warlock trick – WoW

Enslave Elite Demons Warlock trick

The Enslave Elite Demons Warlock trick doesn't work on all Elite Demons, just a few, and there are conditions to making it work. However you will be able to take down entire elite packs with millions of HP using this trick.

Under Maintenance

mmoexploiters has been under maintenance. We were working on moving away from our previous host provider to Media Temple which has been proven to be much faster and more apt to respond to technical support queries then GoDaddy. Most of the issues

Site News: New Provider

On Tuesday/Wednesday coming, we will be switching hosts. While GoDaddy has helped us to get our costs under control, we believe that Media Temple will be able to help us better to manage our website. We need stronger capabilities which

Watch “Thranduil Crown tutorial and Giveaway” on YouTube

Thranduil Crown

Creating this Thranduil Crown tutorial, was harder then making an actual Thranduil Crown. The Thranduil Crown is a piece that one of the Elven lords wore in Lord of the Rings Online, and this is a tutorial on how to make your

World of Tanks: Observation is King – a guide to visual cues

People are sometimes surprised when my little ol' light or medium tanks, takes out 2-5 tanks each battle. It's because of the visual cues, that I am able to do what I do. There are certain visual cues, which when

Stacraft 2 Campaign – Research and Upgrades

Here is a small guide for the Starcraft 2 campaign that explains some of the best ways to go about upgrading and researching the various tech routes.

TOTALLY offtopic: Roman Catholic Church Confession app for iPhone

I was doing my daily browse in one of my favorite forums about ereaders/ebooks and came across: iTunes salvation: Roman Catholic Church approves Confession app if you have an ereader or are planning to get one you should

Starcraft 2: GomTV Code S Finals MKV vs MVP Match 2 of 7, TvT

This is the Code S Finals MarineKingPrime.WE vs iMMVP, from GomTV's website. Starcraft 2 Battle 2 of 7, Terran versus Terran (TvT). If you want to learn how to play better, it's always best to watch pro's, to see how

Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas for all our European Friends who are celebrating it today. We have lowered our VIP rates for the rest of the holiday season! Come Join and become a VIP member at these reduced rates!

Demonoid Registrations Now Open This, I can attest, is a rare occasion. If you haven't already done so, you can register now. Just keep your upload ratio in good standing and don't spam, and you will be happily a new member.

World of Warcraft: 450-525 Cataclysm Engineering Guide

This is the Engineering Guide, for WoW: Cataclysm. It will teach you the quickest, cheapest way to max out your Engineering from 450-525. We'll tell you where to train, what to train, who to train with, and show you only the recipes

Starcraft 2: Battlecruiser Rush build order

This is strictly the way I've been doing a pure Battlecruiser rush. I will later address different ways to add your own style.

World of Warcraft: Unlimited Justice Points Solo

Well, now with Patch 4.0.1, Badges of Justice no longer drop right? Well instead you get 5 Justice Points from Vazruden, who is the 2nd to last boss of Hellfire Ramparts. Doesn't sound like a lot for the effort of clearing

WoW: Raids Resetting Daily!

Since Patch 4.0.1 there are some Bugs with the raid lockout system. Trial of the Crusader 10/25 and Ulduar 10/25 reset everyday. This way you can farm Mimiron's Head every single day! This glitch also seems to sometimes happen with

World of Warcraft: WotLK and TBC 5-Man & Raid Instance Guide

This is an Outland and Northrend instance guide, which has most instances for both 5 man and Raid style instances. It's a comprehensive set of guides which will explain each fight, each strategy, and explain what your role will be

Cataclysm Official Release Date

Blizzard has just issued an official press release setting Dec. 7, 2010, as the official release date of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm expansion. Press Release IRVINE, Calif., Oct 04, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) - Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. today announced that World

Evony: Farming Level 10 NPCs, trial and error

Farming Level 10 NPCs, trial and error In Evony those who hold the resources, are the kings of the servers. So naturally, the thing we want more then anything else, is resources.  Obviously I am not talking about stone, which