Jan 232014

Tanking it to the ExtremeTanking it to the Extreme, is a new mission for World of Tanks. Your mission? Complete 300 battles, and winning 100 of them. The catch? You have to complete the objectives before February 1st, 2014. For any true World of Tanks player, this will be an easy feat. Especially when you consider that most players actually have a 40%-60% win ratio. The better players have more then 50% and the lesser players, less then 50%. Of course the win or loss of the game is also a reflection of the team, and not necessarily the the player, but a team of good players will always trump the team with the so-so players mixed with good players. It’s simply a matter of knowing the strategies and working well as a team.

So the Tanking it to the Extreme mission can be done the easy way, or the hard way. I much prefer the easy way, and will enjoy my 1,000,000 credits to boot. I have had a few tanks waiting to be bought, and this will help me in my goal of purchasing them. Continue reading »

Dec 282013

Prevent Turret Movement - Stealth TipThis might sound like something you don’t need to know, but there are 3 ways to Prevent Turret Movement in World of Tanks. When you Prevent Turret Movement, this allows you to “stealth”. If you don’t move, then you can still look around, to some small extent and save the stealth effect which hides your tank from nearby enemies. This is especially useful for Tank Destroyers, SPG’s (Artillery), and forward scouts – or those who have moved up behind enemy lines, but aren’t moving in the hope of giving your team an advantage by knowing enemy tank placement. Continue reading »

Dec 182013

Anti-Base Capture End Game Tactic, is petty – kind of like real war. But when you need it most, it will make you better able to hit targets and clearly target, hiding enemies. All of this, will in turn help your team to better win the battle. This might not help you to win the war, but that’s all an ongoing process anyways. So we pick and choose the battles we fight, and the tactics we employ. Anti-Base Capture tactic, is just one of the tactics that we employ to win the World of Tanks battle.

Anti-Base Capture End Game Tactic

I have been playing World of Tanks for some time now, off and on. I like to think that some of the strategies that pro-teams make are sometimes attributed with some of the ideas I come up with. In this case, I haven’t yet seen this tactic, but maybe someone else has thought of it already as well. It makes it so that your enemies have a harder time taking your base. This Anti-Base Capture tactic only works on a handful of maps, usually desert maps, but sometimes on other maps as well.

Tip: Use mods to enhance your WoT experience. It won’t help you to play better (thats what this site is for), but it will help you to have more fun.

Now onto the Anti-Base Capture End Game Tactic …

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Dec 162013

World of TanksWorld of Tanks-mas is a sale which ends on January 16th, 2014 and allows you to purchase some specials for World of Tanks or World of Warplanes. Each day, there is a new special, or rather several specials which you will be able to purchase. Some of them are for WoT gold or WoWp Credits, Premium Tanks with garage slots, premium items, or maybe even premium access. What they have each day, is a closed secret until that day, so you will have to check the page each day to see if there is anything you want to purchase.

Bundles become available on the Premium Shop each day at 03:30 PST (06:30 EST) and run until 03:00 PST (06:00 EST) the following day.

An additional selection of bonuses is available here.

World of Tanks Powerleveling

I have been considering for a while opening up a powerleveling shop on this site (non-exploit) leveling, and am wondering who here would purchase services. I am currently able to sell this service for Tier 5 and above tanks for $30 per 100k experience (sells of $35 at our competitors). This service is botted, and you would need to already have a premium account. If you would be interested in purchasing this World of Tanks leveling service from us, please use this form, and I will get back to you, with the details.


Apr 122013

It seems like I have been playing this game forever… or at least 2.5 years. What ever, it’s still a game I can enjoy for a quick fix of play time, to get in 2-3 battles when I have time. Anyways, the game is celebrating it’s 2 year anniversary, and as such there are give-aways of gold and prizes, as well as live streams. Of course my favorite thing is simply that they are going to have 5x exp for the first win, starting on Friday and ending on Sunday. Continue reading »

Jan 172013

While the terrain update was one of the best things to come about from Wargaming.net in regards to World of Tanks, the fact remains that it’s easy to lose a track when going down a hill that’s a bit too steep. This trick will allow you to minimize damage to your tank. I use it to move my artillery down hills safely.

I realized the other day that not everyone did this, like when one tank crashed into another when the one at the bottom lost his track. If the tank at the bottom knew the trick, the one at the top wouldn’t have hit him. If the one at the top knew the trick, then the one at the bottom could have been avoided.

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Jan 092013

I wanted to show something off, which my crew over at MMOGoldSales.com did. Now you might not know, but over there, we offer hand leveling for World of Tanks. This means that you get an actual guy playing your account, not a bot like some of the other crews out there. Anyways, I asked them for an update on an order, and this collage (was collected from a few screenshots) was what they presented me with.

Now you will notice that they admitted defeat. I mean really, you can’t expect them to win all the time, right? But the fact that the defeat gained more experience then any other team member, and even some of the other team members, is a bit impressive to me. What you can’t tell from the collage, is that this was done without a premium account. Are you impressed? I sure am!


Dec 252012


This is mostly an opinion piece, but in recent days, Wargaming.net gave away a free gold tier 2 light tank to all players, the T1E6. Now what I really like about this tank, isn’t the tank itself, it’s the fact that the matches are almost even. Almost everyone is using this new tank to play, and earn some credits and get some experience. Now in reality, I see Wargaming using this to get people to buy or use gold to convert the exp to free exp, and that’s acceptable – they want to boost sales.

Why I like the tank however, is the battles. Imagine a completely even battle in terms of mechanized infantry. It all comes down to tactics at that point. Whomever has the best strategy will always win. Continue reading »

Dec 222012

Wargaming has announced that all first wins of the day will receive 5x exp now through January 5th. Now in case you don’t know it, their day starts on the previous day at 4pm PST, which is why you want to make sure you get in prior to January 4th.

WoT Official News:

  • Up to x5 experience bonuses on the first victory or for crew until 1st of January
  • Massive discounts from 10% to 90% on almost everything in game
  • Check your garage from the 24th of December to find your new collector’s tank gift
  • Battle Hero Medals rewarded by experience
  • Gain more credits with your heavies until the 27th of December
  • 10% discount on premium accounts

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Nov 282012

I don’t actually use many mods for World of Tanks. I have found that one which shows icons, depicting what tier and tank type is usually all I need. I even prefer the standard sight’s, since they show reload times and when I can hit a target (even if I can’t see them). I don’t like using mods to change the looks of tanks, because really they don’t actually do anything =- towards hiding or finding the enemy easier. However the My Little Pony Tank mod, kind of puts things in perspective and makes the game a bit more fun.

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