iPhone or Android games stopped working?

Here’s a quick tip for those of you who play social games like I do. Its for those of you who have had a game stop working on you, or one which you are no longer able to see your friends’ moves or even when it’s your turn to go.

All you need to do, is open your application manager (Android phones will do this through the settings), clear your cache and your settings, and then remove the program. You will now shut down your phone and restart it. Once the phone comes back on, go ahead an re-install the application. You can now login socially (ie through Facebook) and run the game.

How do you know it’s your phone which has the issue and not the other person’s? If you have the option, start a random game with someone. If you can see their messages, it’s likely not your phone which has the issue, however it’s not a bad idea to uninstall, reboot, and re-load occasionally anyways.

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