Scramble with Friends: Cheats and Strategies

I do not claim to be a master of any sort when it comes to word games, however I enjoy them immensely. How I was surprised to learn a couple cheats for the game. But before I get into those, I am going to share some strategies I have come across.

Scramble Power-Ups

There are Power-Ups for Scramble with friends. Each of them has a unique ability, but of course I have my preferences, which I will also tell you about.

The first one is Freeze. Freeze gives you some extra seconds on the clock, when your time is about to run out. It can only be used once per power-up.

Next we have Scramble. Scramble will mix up the letters a bit for you, allowing you to get some words you might not get otherwise. This can be used a few times to mix up the letters a little bit.

Last, there is Inspiration. Inspiration will give you some words for free, by lighting them up and presenting you with a pattern to follow.

Personally, I go with Scramble to change my perspective and to mix it up a bit on my first Power-Up. If I have extra coins I will also go with Freeze. I don't like Inspiration as it draws my attention away from finding words, making me try to figure out which word it was pointing at, losing my time.

Scramble Strategies

As far as strategies go, the easiest would be to simply stick with words you know, and then add to them when possible. For example A-X, can become A-X-E, then A-X-E-S, and F-A-X with F-A-X-E-S and F-A-X-E-D. Whenever you see a small word, try to make a larger word from it. Add ING, ED, ES, or just plain S. So don't forget A-X-I-N-G, A-X-E-D, and F-A-X-I-N-G. Remember each of these started with a little word.

Little Words

Little words can mean the difference of about 100 points for me. Instead of getting 12 words, you might double that to 25 or even 30, by choosing small, 2 and 3 letter words. These words don't even need to be words you know. Just go around vowels, and swipe the consonant and then the vowel, followed by the vowel and then the consonant. What we end up with is a ton of little words. See the image to the left for an example.

Scramble Cheats

There are actually a couple cheats you can use. The first one, I found on accident when I needed to turn off my alarm. It paused my screen, and waited for me to come back to start the game back up and expose it.

If you take a screenshot or even a picture with another phone, then you can use a word finder type of program. However I should warn you, that when people start using 6-9 letter words on me, I take that as a sure sign they are cheating, especially when there are more then one of these.

Cheat example... A-E-R-O-G-E-L-S... sure its possible you might know that word, but when you are staring at a tiny screen, and you come up with this big word, but AERO, GEL, and AEROGEL isn't included, then I know you are only going for the big words with your cheat program. A better way to cheat would be to use high scoring 5 letter words which use double and triple letter and word scores.

Where can you go to solve words? Check out Sneaky Words. They will teach you to take a screen capture and then enter it into the board to get your list of words.


There is a second cheat which I fell upon on accident as well. I was holding down my finger on a letter when the time ran out. I knew I wanted to try and make a certain word and was trying to remember how it was spelled, when the time ran out, I was able to make the word, as long as I didn't misspell it or lift my finger I was good.

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  1. dharma815 says:

    Nice. In the same mode of picking up little words……with about 10-15 seconds left you can just scramble your fingers wildly and blindly around the board and have it collect as many 2 & 3 letter words as you can. This is usually good for about 20 points. Wait until the end to do this though, otherwise you will waste time during the game trying for a word that your scrambling already picked up.

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