Cheat Engine Compatibility Mode

If there are some games which Cheat Engine won't work with, you may need to set up the Cheat Engine Compatibility Mode. Mind you, I am not talking about using it with an anti-cheat software, such as Blizzard's Warden system, this is only making it compatible with most RPGs. 

Cheat Engine Compatibility Mode

Setting your Cheat Engine Compatibility Mode will force Cheat Engine to work with more games. This is because some of the games claim to be incompatible with Cheat Engine. So there are 2 methods to make Cheat Engine work with games. The first, you can either unsign Cheat Engine and forfeit the usage of kernelmode access. Alternatively, the second method, is to just run this little LUA script before launching your game:

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Which ever method you use to get the Cheat Engine Compatibility Mode to work, we hope you enjoyed this guide.

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