Dawn of Andromeda Cheat download

This Dawn of Andromeda Cheat offers you 8 different cheats you can use within the game Dawn of Andromeda, which was released on May 4th, 2017.

Dawn of Andromeda is a pausable, real-time 4X space strategy game providing an accessible, fun and immersive experience, introducing fresh ideas to the genre. Build your empire, colonize new planets, interact with other factions and characters, research technologies and build great fleets.

Dawn of Andromeda Cheat features

Dawn of Andromeda Cheat[Mono Dissect]

  • Player Related (Max Funds Included)
  • Planet Related
  • Ship Related


  • Instant Research Technology
  • Instant Shipyard Build
  • Instant Unit Build
  • Infinite Investment Points
  • Governor XP Multiplier

Dawn of Andromeda Cheat Notes:

[Mono Dissect] - When Ticked Planet Related Script you will have to enter into each Planet so the values can appear for the Planet you entered, same foes for Ship Related.

[Mono Dissect] #2 - Player/Planet/Ship, Tick each one and a new line will drop called Pointers, Tick it and a lot of lines will also drop, each one is related to something else, for example "Funds", this line displays the current amount of Funds you have and can be changed accordingly, and so goes for everything else.

[Mono Dissect] #3 - Tick Player Related, Tick Scripts and you will find a new line called Max Funds, Under value simply double click or press Enter while highlighted the line, and choose either you want it Enabled or Disabled.

[Extra] - Tick the line, a new line will drop called Scripts, Tick it and you will see all the Scripts mentioned above, to Enable them just click the box next to them (An X mark should appear).

[Extra] #2 - For Governor XP Mutliplier to work you simply Tick it as mentioned above, a new line will drop called XP Multiplier, And now you can increase the value.

[Governor XP Multiplier Tutorial]

If a Governor XP is increasing 5 per time, do the math that If you changing the value to 2 he will be given 10 XP per time and so on.

Download Dawn of Andromeda Cheat

Requirement: You must have Cheat Engine installed to run this cheat!

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Credit goes to ColonelRVH for Mono Dissect, all others Kalas for this Dawn of Andromeda Cheat

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