DiRT4 Game Hack – Infinite Money Cheat

DiRT4 Game HackDiRT4 Game Hack brings you Infinite Money, Reputation, and Repair Time, as well as Freeze Time and No Penalty. With this Cheat Table - you will always win.

This game hack works for either DiRT4 v1.0.0 or v1.0.04 (both versions are included in this download).

Dirt 4 is a rally-themed racing video game developed by Codemasters. It is the twelfth game in the Colin McRae Rally series and the sixth title to carry the Dirt name. The game launched on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in June 2017. More at WikipediaDiRT4 official site.

DiRT4 Game Hack features

The following features are included in these Cheat Tables:

  • Infinite
    • Money
    • Reputation
    • Repair Time
  • No Penalty
  • Freeze Time

First of all, imagine racing around the track, down the road, you mistakenly turn right when you should have gone left. You missed whatever visual cue there was for you to see. It could be that it didn't load - I have seen that glitch. Or you could have been focused on something else - for example, that girl dancing on your desktop. No worries, you aren't disqualified, you have the No Penalty option on, make your U-turn and you're back to racing. Of course you have some time to make up, due to that screw up. Therefore you freeze time, and are back on the road, with the same amount of time as before.

It also helps that you never seem to run out of money, due to the Infinite Money option, like the other drivers. Your reputation is on the line to have the fastest vehicle, and the quickest response time... or is it? With Infinite Reputation consequently it never actually seems to go down. With this DiRT4 Game Hack, you choose what you want, when you want, and how much you actually need when you need to repair your vehicle with the Infinite Repair Time option.

Instructions to using this DiRT4 Game Hack

To use this DiRT4 Game Hack, you will need to already have Cheat Engine installed or install it from the official site.

  1. Open Cheat Engine
  2. Open the Cheat Table (for the version of the game you are playing)
  3. Attach Cheat Engine to Dirt4
  4. Choose which hacks to load
  5. Enjoy!

Download DiRT4 Game Hack

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