Dragon Age Inquisition Game Hack

This Dragon Age Inquisition Game Hack features 11 hacks, including infinite health, mana, stamina, potions, crafting materials, and gold. Instant Cooldowns and more await you in the game, when you use this game hack.

Of course this was made for version 1.0 of Dragon Age Inquisition, but this isn't a problem. Inside the zip (see below), is instructions on how to update the game hack, and make it work on any version.

Best of all, you can use many of these game hacks, not just on you, but your party as well, which makes this an even stronger hack than might otherwise be possible. Check out all the features below.

Dragon Age Inquisition Game Hack

  • Dragon Age Inquisition Game HackInfinite Health (Player & Party)
  • Infinite Stamina/Mana + Focus
  • Instant Cooldowns
  • Instantly Complete Warmap Operations
  • Unlimited Potions Pro
  • Infinite Ability Points Pro
  • Infinite Crafting Materials
  • Infinite Gold (Upon Selling An Item)
  • Moon Jump (Hold space, release, then left mouse click to drop)
  • Infinite Power & Inquisition Perks
  • Manual Upgrade Influence

Dragon Age Inquisition Game Hack Notes:

There is a ReadMe within the zip file. DO READ IT. It will teach you how to run the autoupdater. Otherwise, this will only work for version 1.0. You need to run the AutoUpdater should the game update and change any offsets.

This game hack, comes in the form of a Cheat Table for Cheat Engine. You must install Cheat Engine, in order to run this game hack.

Download Dragon Age Inquisition Game Hack

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Thanks to Steve Andrew for this Dragon Age Inquisition Game Hack with updater.

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