Halo Wars Game Hack – Infinite Health, Energy, Supplies

This Halo Wars Game Hack will run without Cheat Engine installed. Features include Infinite Health, Energy, and Supplies. It can be used in Skirmish or Campaigns

Halo Wars Game Hack

There are several features for the Halo Wars Game Hack, but it will be your choice on whether to use them or not. Simply check the ones you want to use.

Halo Wars Game Hack Full Feature List

  • Infinite Energy and Supplies
  • Optional Objective Instant Complete
  • Max Unit Capacity
  • Remove Visual Limit
  • Infinite Health + OHKO
  • Instant Research/Creation

WARNING: Do not use this in multiplayer mode. You will be kicked. You can use this only in skirmishes and campaign mode. This will however work for both the Windows Store and Steam versions of the game.

Download Halo Wars Game Hack

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Halo Wars Game Hack was created by user rog9001, all credit to the author and Cheat Engine for this wonderful too.

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