GW2: 160k Weapon Damage – 1-Hit Kill

There are basically 2 bugs which are the end all, when it comes to exploiting games. The first is the elusive dupe bug. The second is a 1-hit kill. That's what this cheat is about today. Where to get a weapon which will allow you to 1-Hit kill most mobs, by causing as much as 160k health loss to them.

WARNING: ArenaNet has taken a strong stance to cheating within GW2. Use of this exploit could get you suspended or banned... or allow you to make a lot of money! Use At Your Own Risk!

Note: 160,390 damage was applied to a level 1 mob with little to no armor. Higher level mobs will sustain less damage due to better armor.

2 Responses to GW2: 160k Weapon Damage – 1-Hit Kill

  1. Nev says:

    video does not exist 🙁

  2. Spitt says:

    Works for me, sent you the link directly via email, let me know if it doesn’t show for you still.

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