D3: How to become Hated in Diablo 3 trick

I came upon this trick, with my Witch Doctor. Instead of going for massive damage, I have aimed at crowd control. This helps my party to no end if I am fighting with them as my enemies attack us less. On the other hand, if I am the last one alive, then this means I can run away from the mobs, but they always seem to catch up. This is where this trick, will make you one of the most hated players of all Diablo 3.

As I mentioned, I am all about crowd control. I have slows, fears, confuses, stuns, and even some mobs which will spawn to distract them. If I have a lot of mobs on my arse, I can continue running around, and just dropping a Grasp of the Dead in front of me, which will slow my enemies, but doesn't do much damage. As I run around, this will also allow me to gather more mobs. Eventually, those mobs are going to catch up, even though I have been able to reach several checkpoints doing this.

So here's how to become hated... run around and gather mobs. Slow them, confuse them, fear them, stun them, or whatever else you can do to slow them down. Goto a checkpoint, any of them will do, allow the mobs to catch up. Die. Open game to public. Don't rez, there is no point. When you open it, people will port to you and... die. If they choose to rez at the last checkpoint, they will rez at the same point, since they just hit the checkpoint where you died. Over and over they will die, until all the mobs are finally destroyed. Sure they can leave, but since the game is open, others will join, and die.  😈

Now in case you think that's bad, there is another trick, based on the previous, which I am going to share with the VIP members...

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