SWTOR: How to get a free name change

This is actually a fairly common want in many games, to change the name of your character. Some games are free to do this and some will charge you upwards of $35 for the honor of them running a simple script which will change your name in the game. However this "cheat" will allow you to do it for free, with a little preparation.

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So how do we do a free name change in SWTOR?

  1. Well the first thing to do, is go ahead and make a free trial account. This prep work is necessary to guarantee the name change. Simply refer yourself a free-trial key, to a separate email address. You can use a trashmail or even a gmail account, which-ever floats your boat.
  2. Then go ahead and delete the character you want to change the name of. There is no risk in this, but it does take some willpower.
  3. Now go ahead and log into the other account and make the same character name as the old one, on the same server. Make sure you log into the character to set the name.
  4. Log Out of the free trial account, and log back into the main account, with the now deleted character.
  5. Contact customer support and tell them you were really tired and accidentally deleted your main character. You had no intention of this, and are really tired/drunk/???... blah blah blah.
  6. Wait for them to restore your character. When they restore it, you will be forced to change the name when you log into the character.
    • Note: Using the keyword "scooby" (see reference post) may increase the speed at which they restore your character, however you should only do this if the ticket is deleted, so as not to draw suspicion.

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