WoW-EU: How to never lose ratings in a Rated BG again!


For EU players you will never lose ratings in an RBG if you use this exploit. This has been confirmed with multiple people and accounts.

Sorry, this does NOT work for US players. There might be a work-around, but if so, we do not know it here... yet.


This is perfect for those who do win trading...

  1. Run WoW in window mode
  2. Queue up with both teams.
  3. When the queue pops up on the winning team, enter BG.
  4. On the loosing team:
    1. Wait at least 10 seconds.
    2. Click the "Enter Battle" and immediatly exit wow.
  5. Now you can login, and if everything worked out fine - you will be taken to the place where you were when the queue popped.


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