WoW: Pandaren Neutral Faction exploit

So it seems there is an exploit which will allow you to create a character and not actually choose a faction, meaning you are neither horde nor alliance.


  • Use either Horde or Alliance Auction House
  • Raid both factions
  • Help others make neutral characters (charge for this service?)
  • Cross faction guild
  • Complete quests from both factions
  • Achievements from both factions

Note: This was partially hotfixed. It's still possible to do, but you need a friend who is neutral to help you.

  1. Create a Pandaren and level up, you can questing but do Not choose any faction
  2. Level up by mining or herbing if you can't get xp from mobs. Reach lvl 20 and learn Zen Pilgrimage.
  3. Go to The Peak of Serenity and find a place drown yourself. Run towards to The Maelstrom on world map with spirit buff and die again.
  4. After the second death you can now talk to Spirit Healer and rez at Kun-Lai summit

Note the above method was the one which was nerfed. To do the current method, follow the instructions below;

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