This World of Warcraft Dupe Bug works on an item which costs around 100g in the game. It can however be duplicated easily turning 100 gold, into as much as 60,000 gold. WoW Dupe BugIs it worth it? That’s your choice. We know of a total of 3 items which can be duplicated with this method, but we believe it only works on live servers, has not yet been tested on emulated servers. I may test it on the Emu Server I am playing on, Turtle-WoW.

Sorry, but a World of Warcraft dupe bug, can be easily turned into real money, so it’s going to cost you to see it. Luckily for you, its only going to cost you $2.00 USD via Bitcoin to buy it outright, or you can try a survey completion to get it done. We do not offer free samples, moneyback guarantees, nor monthly subscriptions at this time.

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