City of Heroes – Death and Decay

Despite vigils led by the players, City of Heroes will officially go offline on November 30, 2012. These days games either make a turn free to play or get closed down. Older games while even having some type of following, and possibly even turning a profit, may have their owners opt to simply shut down, rather then laying down groundwork to keep the games alive. This can leave thousands of players without a home to goto, and worse feeling as though a hole has been ripped in their chest by some mighty villain. In this case, the villain is but a mere shadow, flitting from one dark corner or space to another. While heroes games like Champions Online and DC Universe Online might have hoped to steal a portion of the player base - and even succeeded, it in turn has helped to decay a once popular game.

Some have said that NCSoft is still making a profit off the game, and for this very reason, should keep the game online. However one has to take into consideration not just of keeping a game online, but of the stats which aren't really shown, such as the costs of the office, the air conditioning in the server room, and the guy who fills the coffee cups. Remember, that NCSoft isn't there to break even, they are there to make a profit, and hopefully a decent sized one. If they profit a few thousand a week, but could re-allocate their resources elsewhere and make 10k a week, then that's what they are going to do.

So here's to you CoH/CoV! We salute you for your 8 great years!


RIP 2004-2012

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