XBox Playstation VPN Guide

XBox Playstation VPN GuideThis XBox Playstation VPN Guide was created to show you how to hide your connection behind a VPN. The benefit of hiding any console behind a VPN, is to hide your true IP, as well as to prevent doxing or being ddos'ed. Alternatively, you can use it to get access to content in other parts of the world.

XBox Playstation VPN Guide

To start this XBox Playstation VPN Guide, we're going to need some items, the VPN you choose is your choice, but we recommend

  • WiFi Connection
  • Laptop or Router with LAN port
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  • Ethernet Cable

Once you have all of these, you are also going to need to set up your XBox or Playstation. I am going to share how to do this on an XBox, but you should be able to figure out from the directions how to apply it to a PS4 or Nintendo as well.

Creating a tunnel

So the next step of this XBox Playstation VPN Guide is to tunnel your service via a router and then connecting your gaming console and other devices to the router. Note that the setup may vary according to the router you use and the instructions provided by the VPN provider.

Use the following steps to configure a VPN service on your router:

  1. You need an Ethernet cable and connect your modem to the WAN port in the router.
  2. Open your Router’s Control Panel – accessible from your system control panel.
  3. Go to the ‘Basic Setup’ / ‘Network’ / ‘Basic’ tab in your router control panel (where you can configure WAN or Internet settings).
  4. Enter the setup details provided by your VPN provider (username, password, gateway, subnet mask, etc.).
  5. Select the appropriate protocol settings and the change the ‘Connection Type’ based on your router and VPN providers instructions (usually to PPTP).
  6. Select the appropriate DCHP settings depending on the requirements by your VPN provider.
  7. Click the Apply Settings / Save / Connect button and you are done.

buy private proxies
Use a Proxy Firewall to force Traffic through your proxies.

Connecting your console

Now you can connect your Xbox or Playstation to the router either through Wi-Fi or through Ethernet cable and can enjoy using VPN on your gaming console.

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