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Contact Us

We offer no warranties, support, free samples, nor guarantees of any kind. We strive to ensure that everything is working at the time of posting, but beyond that can not guarantee – as is the nature of this type of website.

If you want to pay for a weekly newsletter without all the advertisements/redirects and password protections, send a Bitcoin Donation to 114FauCDz2Ei5ZsQEeFZM9WySSmcQ5zWVT the amount should exceed $15 and be a unique amount. Once you send it, come back here and tell us what the amount was, and your email address. We will then add you to the email list.

If you want to submit something in order to get free access to our advertisement free email list, submit it here with clear instructions. We will check for it posted elsewhere – we have VIP access to MANY forums and can verify it. If we find it worthy, we will add you to the list. We reserve all rights.

If you are including file attachments, please host via, Dropbox, or Media Fire. Others may be ignored.