World of Warcraft – Cosplay: Jaina Proudmoore

jaina-proudmoore-cosplay-by-doremi-1_1000What is Cosplay?

Cosplay, is an abbreviation for Costume Play, where people dress up as their favorite characters from movies, comic books, cartoons, tv shows, games, etc.

Why is it on mmoexploiters?

Depending upon the response of our readers, we may make this a continuing feature on this site. Do you have a Costume you made for your favorite game, and want to share it? Use our Contact Page and send us links to you, in your costume. You might become a featured guest on our new Cosplay series. If you like this new series, let us know in the comments below. More comments, equals more posts!

Artist: Doremi (이혜민)
Character: Jaina Proudmoore
Origin: World of Warcraft

jaina-proudmoore-cosplay-by-doremi-2_1000 jaina-proudmoore-cosplay-by-doremi-3_1000 jaina-proudmoore-cosplay-by-doremi-4_1000


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