Starcraft II: Ultimate Counter Guide for Zerg, Protoss, & Terran Units

This is the ultimate unit and counter guides available. It will teach you every unit, every counter, every cost and requisite, ever special ability and more.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Terran
  3. Protoss
  4. Zerg
  5. FAQ


You played the multiplayer mode. At some times you get overwhelmed by a mass of the same units. Or you get totally destroyed by a certain unit which you think is overpowered. You panic, not knowing what to do and sometimes even go so far to rage quit. Fear not as this guide will list all units in multiplayer and the strategies, to completely destroy a certain unit you have trouble with.

Note that I don't include buildings since they are... well buildings. Of course that is unless the building has a weapon like the photon cannon. But even so, I only list them to as a counter strategy. And also I won't include Single Player only units since if you ever get to use that particular unit, the game will include enough tutorial about that unit. And lastly, I don't even bother with attack upgrades. It gives attack upgrades, big deal but everyone knows how it works right?

The statistic I put with the unit will look like this:


Supply cost: The amount of supply this unit uses.
Prerequisite: Requirements (excluding the building used to train.)
Train from: Buildings used to train this unit.
Type: The type of the unit.
HP: The hp the unit has.
Weapon name and damage: The name of the weapon and the damage it causes.
Bonus Damage: Extra damage on a certain type of unit.
Range: Range of the weapon.
Target: What kind of target it can hit.
Fire Speed: The speed depends how fast an unit attacks. Lower = faster
Move Speed: The moving speed. Higher = faster
Armor: The armor of the unit.
Cost: The unit cost.
Build Speed: The time it requires to build the unit in ingame seconds.
Special Abilities:

The Special abilities this unit has access to.

Upgrades: Shows what kind of upgrades affect this unit.

Counter as Zerg:

Which unit counters this unit as Zerg.

Counter as Terran:

Which unit counters this unit as Terran.

Counter as Protoss:

Which unit counter this unit as Protoss.

Of course you don't have to read the whole guide. Just press Ctrl + F and type the name of your unit you want to search.

If you see things like this: (110) then it means it takes 110 seconds to research. If it has no numbers behind, then it means you don't have to research for it.

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